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7.25: CHW/OAK Postgame- Michael Wuertz


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Sat, 30 Apr 2011|

Wuertz on the A's win.


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-- But you know who's gonna bounce back you know on the days that. Things can fall our way to start expecting. Couldn't get next two games over. In the -- committee that is. You know carried on and -- it regret to say to them whether it be to have the usual control and then -- didn't hit it -- you are going up against Daniel planet. -- -- mistake over the plate it it's tough and you know obviously they got a good lineup and you know we've just got to. You know make better pitches and then work ahead in the count and I think that -- poses a hole for hole pitching staff and a -- -- Mean just sort of last night you know -- Nearly fell behind hitters in the first inning got out of some jams that don't play as soon as he bared down and work ahead and I think we have to do.

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    pitching you don't quite easily runs. But you know would be nice to human movement efficient. to work with you know Michael Wuertz came in the ninth and and I got a couple guys on Vladimir Guerrero was no easy task doing induce a double play vulgar

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    on our. Part to come back real important to me very very interestingly. Then came into the super done all year and Michael Wuertz is continuing to. To show you know the only time format that we anticipate from him do their job tonight. Fortunately

  4. little better yesterday morning but he's been. Fantastic in the bullpen right now I'm absolutely injuries there Michael Wuertz is. Tara threw you know he's obviously a guy and they mobile alerts all of these what does it wouldn't be resolved

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    Appropriate ones. Have you ever everyone's still expect plus million forwards they have. But I don't know but I don't think Wuertz that's all everybody is talking about tweet this week that's a me. We'll try to to be back Edwards during the game as