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12.21: Best of Gary Radnich



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Wed, 22 Dec 2010|

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Machine Generated Transcript

This time a year. I think baseball books are great gifts I really do I enjoyed getting them people send him to me in the mail. Stand -- said of course we like him for free but. There's one that is out and it it touches everybody and of course who you think about baseball you think of Willie Mays and Duke Snider. And the great Mickey Mantle and Jay Levy has authored another terrific best seller and that is the last boy. Mickey Mantle. And the end of America's childhood side invited -- the beyond today and talk about the book and evidence appropriate this time a year and -- it's a pleasure to have you with us. Marty it's great to talk to -- again. Yeah I came out to -- and Walnut Creek -- what about five or 67 years ago I think on a Sunday morning don't know remind me -- At this. Yeah I was say that was right after the -- co effects book could come out and I know you're speaking on the Sunday morning so is nice to see you there. So the fans understand your baseball background and this is a book that is so well done and we'll talk about. The approach and how you do it in interviews so many people about life events of the person. But you really have a baseball background and it goes back to I think yeah I think was your grandmother and Sammy ESP Zito and things like that. Yes indeed. My grandmother. Ilia the older -- now. Who never once was tempted to to set foot in Yankee Stadium. Live. One very very long very foul ball. Long -- ball from home plate in the building called Yankee -- that was built actually in 1927. That -- Yankee Stadium known as the house that Ruth built what people don't realize that it was also the neighborhood. That was built. And that her building have a coat of -- -- not stain glass window. In the four day in which crossed back over a corralled -- shield of seeing people little. And so to be close to my grandmother was to be close into the neck. And vice -- Versa and every year at. On the Jewish high holidays. The services took place in the -- grand concourse hotel concourse also. Which was built. The same year that Yankee Stadium but didn't square many of the Yankees kept department -- when they were rookies and we're visiting team's state. And that's where they held the -- and its services from my grandmother is congregation. Unknown to pour in Russia -- and she would sneak me him. Underneath for a couple. Which she wore no matter the weather -- have been ninety degrees -- she would have put on those that she could -- mean my transistor radio. And Mike Finley has the veto glove. Into the senate. And she and I would climb the stairs to the Adam balcony overlooking the ball room which is where the women played -- a conservative synagogue for the women prince separately. And while she. You know and prayed for my future I was wrapping myself up and that's built it usually. And looking out over the park. And into the back of Yankee Stadium where you could sometimes see if flannel figure running hard after bouncing ball. A beautiful but that's the passion for the game as they say you don't -- works like this snapping a passionate fan.

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