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Sandoval: 'We're real confident'


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Fri, 5 Oct 2012|

Pablo Sandoval and his orange hairstyle tell reporters that the team is riding high entering the playoffs.


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How how flat how different you feel going into the past as an excuse that. Knows who it is you know an up with a I don't know -- -- and just to. An impression on them them to other ones 2000 analysts stop you from -- buzz in on us fast passages. Is going to be different. -- Real concerns known when we've made that you know you have to -- it was him. So. Right now unconscious. I'm going to be there house out out there you know like to you know childhood team -- we knew it. -- just yet. -- -- And it's. Funny you know we're up front where it really a lot of Kristi and -- a lot of young this guy it was a bit and you know we get together. -- I'm on the phone moments here. Oh. Yeah we we've we've not found inside you. And go though is it time to play well you know we focus we weekend because that's what. You teams that keys when those students who is most important things you know we got Mike Cameron gone that he's three years ago. Which other teams whose shoulder you know but it. -- Came out there. And. You know societies I have my can't my secondary. Is that your foot is stuff so he didn't -- in species so. He's one of the notes on there so easily enough confidence mine came true when and so we -- game. Nonconference and then -- two months so. Hard. -- -- Is still different. So this doesn't analysts stuff you know and in -- and moments and this is different because we don't watch them. More time when I'm more -- plays on us and threw him out. Little insight into the you know help my team to win it let -- -- and it seems right. This Saturday yesterday and I start you know start talking -- I am proud that this stuff I've been doing enough. Well -- this thing's over. So -- to Graham for practice and there's we was done well personalities. When we came here today so that is just penalties and -- in close. That that Angelos teams who have before so who's -- Heilman and.

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  2. and I had to anything. Well even rising and I have a very powerful team behind you Oscar as your promoter. Your managers Cameron the same guy who mentions in the go to mayor. Rios is going to be fighting Manny Pacquiao next month. You know with that

  3. porn scratching fighting because that's what he does boot. So knowing you are smoking government she's got him come in Cameron there's been so composed and has got a fast he has. If he had big guys he's he's benefited from deceptive because you

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  8. especially champagne around here move on to the next series and you know we got to play the got to play the game obviously Cameron and I get too far ahead of us those players every pitcher's arms and a we're going to be focused on what we gotta do

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  12. six feet and he got to keep on and and move on next week Kansas. Keep thinking about you know what happened to If the and Cameron . We just. like you I thought speculation few opportunities you have an opportunity chance recruiter that maybe should be

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  17. Yeah now he did a nice job. Cameron studio it's been awhile since he's been out there and you know goes and seventh two runs. because it. You know he made a

  18. you know being in the game your biggest thing is you wanna give hard you know creating runs and creating And the I don't Cameron sport to. And I got on right there you know let's and do something good. You wanna do as a young player you wanna be able

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  20. the last Portis or four games. You know we stumbled career. a good ball club and you don't pitch well uses. Your view Cameron 's. You. Look at the opens. And so on and get some guards Todd to come in here and swung the bats well We didn't. Commendable