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Mike Fontenot

5.7: COL/SFG postgame -- Mike Fontenot with Raj Mathai

Thu, 26 May 2011|

Fontenot updates his groin strain after the loss to the Marlins.


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When you look at more and I think it's. -- -- -- -- -- Exactly. Plus -- felt happily downs. And the next year in numbers. It's. That's changing. How that He wanted to come back at you quickly. The best basketball injury and. If you guys go down and you know remember. -- -- -- Yeah I'll watch them. The scariest. Place here and things like that happened -- -- -- Period -- -- field in terms of playing physically play you know he's kinda caught. Caught in the middle there.

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  1. Fontenot updates his groin strain after the loss to the Marlins.

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  5. Mike Fontenot , slated to bat third, gets his cuts in before the game.

  6. Sandoval was excited for his home run. He was even more excited for Mike Fontenot's .

  7. Word has circulated that Fontenot is growing a mullett. Judge for yourself.

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    I don't know how much it changed you know they've been in the they in one run you know Santa has his way out of that so you know we're all. I think he did a good job there opinions hold one. Throwing fastballs setting up samples girls and can hit it. He's pitched well today you know he came out he

  9. One thing you know catches. It seemed like if and hire him. It was an on room and were. Yeah ourselves. And that. He replaced thanked his I didn't and in on him. Luckily came out. My boys will be back in this we talked would be him to do would your team right now. All of a fun game you know census

  10. You know goodly portion we come off a good road trip and battled them. Ended up having a really good road trips don't mean this week and beat him. Big week for you know the team penetrate into the playoffs. And it's great Cameron didn't that it hadn't been married and the pitcher. I mean this is a

  11. just chatting it really every game truly is a battle right now was a battle for you there in the seventh inning. Two outs an opportunity. To knock in run taken us through your mind that getting into that at bat. Against Billingsley. I I'll just trying to get him out anyway could you know what

  12. He's been tough and I that is really does Williams this year you know and good stuff tonight. All good tonight and I'm glad I got that on rode out there that. Kind of person. And yeah. miss Hogan always felt good you know no matter can contribute to attend. Over a hundred numbers. Early. Either

  13. a lot of lineups that aren't even. Another different working out there and I got an open you know. There's an example. That it happened that haven't. I guess those you know you from the ballpark every day not invited to get credit for the games. Any kind of calmed. To ever happened are here. when

  14. Have at it this way you know you've how everything going right lately. That Iraq strength kickback and. They're all big ones this point in the season you know we're trying to get out there what can put points on the board. Great you know great game for massage tonight you know. nearly came on

  15. With Renteria on the DL, Mychael Urban analyzes how Bruce Bochy can utilize Mike Fontenot off the bench.