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  1. renegotiating. Mood that they're not looks like they're not gonna be doing any new contracts until after the season is over. But quade says he's trying to put all the contract stuff out of his mind he knows if he plays football the way he got his first three

  2. Imagine that dream. I was going to be pitching forgot to them but they hit on shepherding Delhi parity it's not I was a quade as you say I think those were timely and set the tone and if and it's a guy you miss a lot this year. Those you know what

  3. wanted that you got the base hit in that first just that the home run. Are you guys that thinks that a lot year either slow or quade handled being down a little bit because certainly looked like tonight you were comfortable he got that he would have that opportunity

  4. 118 - Garrett A


    Thu, 19 Jul 2012

    got the Warriors got real real reality they do a lot of all they. That's what we doing ID get right to get to the next lap quade at Zach Day didn't bring it up bodies coliseum. Is that what we thought that it is not guard Daniel animated out here and

  5. 2.22: GSW/PHX game highlights


    Thu, 23 Feb 2012

    thirteen game losing streak in the purple palace has done a the Warriors beat Phoenix one of sexual waddle for a lot of stars tonight David solid which quade to right which 43 but the star of stars. Monta Ellis 26 points and the game winners.