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Parker: 'When I start aiming stuff is when I get in trouble'



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Sat, 27 Jul 2013|

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-- dating back downstairs these three your performance. With a home run just thanks for joining us and what has just announcer types think it's important to answer back right away truck hits a home run. That you guys come back you get a home run to make it two or even though it's early in the game you buy into the. Yeah not for shirts. It's a momentum swing. And you know you you've got to be able to reverse those and you know episode does so you don't you don't feel like everything's going against you. You know. Monkey stalled a little bit at the plate you've had such a good year so far. What adjustments that you made because you know I saw last night that. It knocks you guys opposite way and then all those at bats tonight your swing just looked so perfect so on time what adjustments have you made behind the scenes had to get yourself back block. Well you know those those four days and during the all star break. You know you -- and you know it's one of those things that even you got to take the time off but then it takes to not take my take a little bit to give back so. I'm not the working hard -- to get their rhythm and timing back and sometimes it takes a little longer than than you want to ride. Just starting pitcher tonight -- virtual -- gets his fourteenth win Scott and I didn't think he was a sharp. As we've seen in the past this week because I don't know what what did you see playing behind him tonight from a for Bartolo. Plus another made them the minute -- peavy threw more pitches than he usually does early in the game. -- and I knew he might have missed a few more spots them than he usually does but. Then again you know his usual has been pretty outstanding. They -- so your play shortstop Mike Trout comes up he gets a hard ball right out in the field to play they come up drawn. I mean I got some kind of runner you have to adjust your defense of play because that was pretty good he made it bank back. I I told -- I'd love to know what that feels like the one time and -- it's a hitter routine ground ball and almost beat it out but you know you just you. It can't rush yourself because then that's when you make a mistake but you know you just got to field it clean and and get off a strong throw to get him out so. You know you know what to expect when he's up there. -- final question I know it's only the end of July could do do you at all. Glance at the scoreboard do you like to check out maybe what the Rangers did their relievers over before yours and how do you handle. Yeah I know I I don't think you can hide from it but it at the same time. You know you know we can't let it affect the way we play we have to focus on a winning every single day and I will be were wanna be. It's just nice job today another three -- -- thanks for stopping by right now general thank you.

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  15. d look to me and look too much the video yet and it looked to me like his mistakes. I first pitch fastball over the plate. Trout I don't think he got in there enough in right center field and then didn't get a slider avoid a corner and in the four runs

  16. Michael Crabtree is rehabbing. And as of right now for the first exhibition game scheduled for August 5 against Minnesota Vikings we don't know whether Michael Crabtree in his Trout never suiting up for an exhibition game all with the 49ers.

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  20. this and I'm going to Notre Dame. And I think it was obvious that. It's a lot of fun you know you you apparently you know Trout from the leases. There for as it's been. Watching him watching them grow and mature. You know you go through growing pains