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6.30: Sadowski on Sadowski

Wed, 18 Sep 2013|

After a shouting match erupted on Tuesday between Jeff Samardzija and third-base coach David Bell, the Cubs will look to turn things around against the Brewers beginning at 7:00 on CSN.

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  1. Kruk, Kuip, Miller & Flemming's players of the game

    thing about Zito is it there's. He's such a pro he had. When he drove out of the parking lot there that they did Miller Park in Milwaukee he wasn't thinking about that was that about the Padres. And that's you do you'll let me go get

  2. Morning Minute: Wild finale in Milwaukee for Giants, Zito; A's, Angels go extras in Oakland

    inning alone. He managed just three innings of work a Owens for the seven point 67. ERA. In eight career starts at Miller Park despite knows how big was to win another series on the road. There this afternoon from two myself maybe go somewhere

  3. Kruk and Kuip discuss the Giants' inability to sweep Brewers

    But first things first get back to Miller Park one more time for grouping type before they had to Miami in guys. You know let this one and pretty much out of control early however

  4. 5.28: SFG/MIL postgame -- Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper

    Well back here at Miller Park through the Giants took it on the today the Brewers beat him by a final of to him. It was a nice to come in here. In play these

  1. Samardzija vs. Bell: Cubs watch more fireworks erupt


    Wed, 18 Sep 2013

    Just a day after Dale Sveum and Edwin Jackson got into a heated argument, Cubs starter Jeff Samardzija and third-base coach David Bell got into a shouting match in Tuesday's loss at Miller Park .

  2. Cubs: Is Dale Sveum on the hot seat?


    Wed, 18 Sep 2013

    Cubs president Theo Epstein declined to answer questions about Dale Sveum and his coaching staff's future before Tuesday night's game at Miller Park .

  3. Zimmermann heads home to face Brewers


    Fri, 2 Aug 2013

    Wisconsin native Jordan Zimmermann leads the Nationals into Miller Park tonight to face the Brewers. Join the conversation on Nats Insider.

  4. Italian sausage takes a tumble in sausage race anniversary


    Fri, 28 Jun 2013

    It was sausage day at Miller Park on Thursday, as June 27 marked the 20th anniversary of the famous sausage race. And of course, there were some notable events that took place.

  5. Cubs still waiting for Castro to put it all together


    Mon, 22 Apr 2013

    The Cubs failed to prevent a series sweep as they fell to the Milwaukee Brewers at Miller Park , and the focus has turned to the development of 23-year-old star shortstop Starlin Castro.

  6. Braun hits 3-run homer in Brewers 7th win in a row


    Sun, 21 Apr 2013

    The Cubs failed to prevent a series sweep as they fell to the Milwaukee Brewers at Miller Park . Anthony Rizzo added a two-run homer in the loss.

  7. Cubs: Garza takes another step forward


    Fri, 19 Apr 2013

    Matt Garza wasn't able to make his rehab start due to weather Friday, but he pitched a simulated game at Miller Park . Garza's scheduled to throw a bullpen session on Sunday.

  8. Posey looks for stroke as Giants head to Milwaukee


    Tue, 16 Apr 2013

    Buster Posey hasn't exactly been himself at the plate this season, but history indicates a trip to Milwaukee and Miller Park could help.

  9. lot of damage for the Brewers. When you pitch in the National League central in your home ballpark is his life of his Miller Park is in the the other ballparks. Houston's lives Cincinnati's blood and you look at some other good ER rays especially

  10. you know those very cool for reds to a crowd did and we are probably from Bakersfield to. So well that they'd tear Miller Park and that's that's pretty special and they're definitely not as this goes to show that you know when you're ready

  11. from college to pro and they're just trying to how to be a pro and how to the other. Money don't let them know Miller park country all those kind of things come home. And all the sudden that was no big deal. You know and he's channel well

  12. Well back here in Milwaukee Redd Miller Park for the Giants win the first game of this four game series and Mike. Did you ever have a start where you look back get it you

  13. 9.5: SF/MIL Recap


    Sun, 6 Sep 2009

    to September of 2000 fortify the last time the giants' work this far above 500 ironically September a ball for. It was also the last time the G men pulled off a series sweep of Milwaukee. Something will try to do Sunday. At Miller Park .

  14. Arnold in time did your brother your fiancee Lindsey also was there. What was that like to have them all the Sunday at Miller Park to watch you make your Major League debut Well especially you know up my family's in all parts of me and and been

  15. 6.30: Ryan Sadowski- why so calm?


    Tue, 30 Jun 2009

    sausage racers I've always actually one odds on that I'm sure you're aware that went. A lot of good vibes at Miller Park on Sunday for him. My brother my brother told me that actually. At the polish sausage one so it was it was a victory

  16. Up accurate Miller Park the Giants in the taking one game in this three game series. They do it after the tough loss last night they shut out. This a