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8.28: Ken Rosenthal on Rich Harden and Aaron Heilman



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Tue, 11 Sep 2012|

Professional baseball players from around the league go out of their way to support the troops.


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The fifth annual race we've -- that we filed an injured Marines. From San Diego may come from our naval hospital and we have a really young group is your primary on this hand -- -- around every day and more ballparks. Four days consecutive and Mark Kotsay to ground ponderous play. I think he took around the White Sox -- -- I'll be shown in the the -- out there. Out there and he'll show you around still isn't just that okay it's I wouldn't let them know we care about one and -- -- -- -- -- want them -- To hear from all the players you can meet -- few things we do it's -- hear how I think we'll see what these guys. Us are going to get in the hospital for Father's Day. Show them what kind of support they have. -- and more to -- baseball for me. Personally a little bit and they've got guys that don't -- -- we have come to players from the Giants you know all of our guys come around Trevor Hoffman. -- -- Adam Dunn Jake Peavy those guys Danny and -- leaders. You know I mean. The list goes on and on the least you do. Come -- a hard thing to say thank you to reconcile these guys I don't know the history the -- price -- one over surfer -- Gave us everything you have for us to. You know that's our I -- morning news. Doesn't them as human and they -- that really inspired because every guy. You won I don't know personally come -- and if -- you know the great thing you're doing here. We didn't want to support the military and not about foreigners -- -- It's about helping American that are going on there. --

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  1. Strikeouts for troops -- Barry Zito & Jake Peavy inspired by heroes

    bit and they've got guys that don't we have come to players from the Giants you know all of our guys come around Trevor Hoffman . Adam Dunn Jake Peavy those guys Danny and leaders. You know I mean. The list goes on and on the least you do

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    closer right now. Well he's going through what a lot of closes go through unfortunate guys like Mariano Rivera and Trevor Hoffman before this season. They set such high bar high standard that it's awfully difficult to be good in April all the

  3. 10.7: ATL/SFG Pregame- Bruce Bochy

    ve been blessed throughout your career to have a great closer at the back your bullpen in San Diego had a great Trevor Hoffman hoops number 606 dollars just amazing. You said yesterday during your press conference that this group is as good

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    The Union didn't need another forward, but Peter Nowak couldn't help himself from drafting UCLA striker Chandler Hoffman 13th overall in the MLS SuperDraft.

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    To clear roster space, the Union were forced to trade 2012 first-round pick Chandler Hoffman to the Los Angeles Galaxy.

  3. them acting up ahead and Mitchell Peter think each game marked her route and then. The one thing. eat pats did that Michael Hoffman and it up I met him. I'm now it'll work eat after a blocked shot. And add them. Nothing went and I think I'll look

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    Sat, 19 Jan 2013

    The Raiders announced Saturday night the hiring of Bobby April as special teams coordinator, replacing the fired Steve Hoffman .

  5. message early. particularly. shot is not that working hard for the rebound and putback is Matt Hoffman as well it was a battle. We're spartans as Hoffman pitched it hill who the crowd enthralled with this quarter. He was happy about that a lot

  6. know you don't take that take take a loss. Just keep your record and really keep pushing. Industry and Alex Smith. And Hoffman started out a little this things get rolling with a touchdown pass to Michael Crabtree and goes out. How did things change

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    Mon, 17 Sep 2012

    this eighteen yards or plus two makes 87 answers Stevens with plenty of time in the pocket. Airmail a great catch by Ryan Hoffman while spinning that's good for forty. And incidents where yard to number for me like how what camp opening takes the lead

  8. long snapper he did but what about the special teams coach the Raiders have an assistant special teams coach all right. Steve Hoffman as the assistant coach in charge of special teams. He's is the assistant special teams head coach when he gets out of the

  9. August and now he's turned into 2010 look Andres certain. So. And I think this is. That. What he's got a feeling Seymour Hoffman and the season. You get when so many want to think if you watch PT runs and two teams in the as far as you know seeing the

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    Fri, 24 Feb 2012

    Can relax and play. And to be honest we saw a lot of people say I don't know you know in the lives is a little animal Hoffman and I'm here. And that you are here caddie wants this opportunity to impacts your career and on impact the this season

  11. in the right or is it going with the thinking is gonna have to compete for time with. You know whether it's or or bill or Hoffman now playing first base. Well we're. will stay open minded. Only a couple things here but. need Play right field. Alike

  12. get to do both it's really a dream come true with this movie to. You know get to be in this big human drama with Seymour Hoffman some of them so proud to have its really just surreal dream like. And sit out steal from the movie are you an and now of course

  13. with the you know we'll we'll do. You have finish prior in front. Position you. Current. We're. So like coach sitting a lot of young guys that hopeful. Seymour Hoffman team. Camp San Angelo download games overall this thing.

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    and about it walking. That's always when every team will office agrees. So now. What. We. But. You know do me. Yeah we'll. and I thought Turner's. Help you wants. your Hoffman plays when you look at you crazy. When you for.

  15. 7.7: SFG/MIL Postgame- Buster Posey


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    first. You guys talking about us look like your opponent we were a lot of fun on the of the big big But now on the person and Hoffman . You know hitting is contagious so. It. Let's talk about the pitcher tonight if you were first base so you go to different

  16. life. Unfortunately action tonight and all of a sudden shark fans things get on a night game five minutes then it. Dustin Hoffman find the line it's one nothing and less than a minute later turned it over next to nothing nothing at all like here we go

  17. 2009: Year in Review


    Thu, 31 Dec 2009

    staked out outside the pirates' clubhouse and wait for birdies. During the game I was actually able to connect with pretty. Hoffman who was game what are the chances his agent in the passing game on the day going to trade coming something's up. After the

  18. 10.18: PHI/OAK Postgame- Gary Russell


    Sun, 18 Oct 2009

    couple big plays there for you especially at the end of the game there. How much you looking forward to contributing even more Hoffman . have call do you know doesn't suddenly come back you know that's that's as rose's performance when he come back you

  19. but but that doesn't mean you can't defend. We surprised GC guys like Albert Doug didn't take advantage of the Scott Hoffman today. It wasn't that they didn't take advantage that they just they weren't there it was it was a lot of a lot of fighting