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  1. something scratching or how kind explosiveness. I feel good about my explosion and then I got first of its other knee injury. Feliz producers ended things on my commodities. In the and I. You know my nose book. I feel good you know just leave and have to

  2. You know come back strong again. It's not just keep improving known it you. Then talk a lot as a quarterback that we're Feliz enough to help proud. Believe but if you've big. you kind of count at all like if you make it and these guys who won't

  3. In the same game you're tied Doug Weight for 67. In points this is nice to get milestones and but I didn't caveats you know it's great just. You know as long as win and that's that's more important but. Thanks Feliz to play.

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    the ability to turn were treated there and early eighties and he'd just been where He threw strikes. It is like to we are Feliz and it's. So for. You know you guys out there doing it. Q you can be yourself. Epstein was to point. Wilson Madson threw

  5. When you make him the on third starting. Weight that game the tomorrow. It's it's our obvious you lose a week in. Order Feliz to see what happens. times come to ball. It. Relief pitchers talk a lot about the 27 doubt being the most difficult to get

  6. five and third before give up your first hit. It's just one of those that it was just everybody and then they come it was Feliz at the end yeah to just blow everybody away too so they they've got pretty good bullpen. And tonight Rich Harden was you

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    for us. Publicly back to the big thing you made that that final out in the sixth inning and it looked routine off of Pedro Feliz grounder. But there's a lot of momentum there in the six a lot of stuff going not see had in and the Phillies really had