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Mon, 9 Jul 2012|

John Henry Smith has your Wendy's Morning Minute for Monday, July 9.


Machine Generated Transcript

Time now put the windy this morning that. This and Bay Area dot com. I'm done and it's been that Comcast sports net studios and this is your morning minute both the Giants and a's were in action Sunday. Try to go the all star break with all win the first -- for the G men in Pittsburgh faced the Pirates in the rubber game of the three game set the Pirates bounced. Tim Lincecum early after we gave up six or. Earned runs. Just three and a half three and a third innings of work on route to -- Thirteen to two loss. -- 'cause -- Neil Walker with a giant -- going a combined eight for ten with three home runs and six RBIs after the game both Lincecum and both -- -- about whether. In his most pivotal season Lincecum has hit rock bottom. You know and should have hit rock bottom or anything like that would. You know these things are going because that is -- -- and now he's coming got to go out there feeling he had a couple of loose and always down field than. You know what happens happens. Where's your views on he was often falls elevated good -- for sure it is temporary base yeah. -- response and -- get the ball and. -- and turn. Them. Seattle -- -- when facing days turned back the clock game Bartolo long -- eight and two thirds giving up just one earned run while striking out six. In thirteen innings athletic vocal 11 tie with a double in the gap -- the -- always say is. Get their league leading eighth walk off wins -- one they'd finished the first half of the season at 43 and 43. After the game -- -- all perpetrators -- walk off James got a taste of his own medicine. You know versatility ready get it down against field first base -- weeks -- so then you know -- big. Did they come. We all star break won't be a break it all from. Five local players norv for all all star game team of genocide -- -- bag really tune into sports net central that night and and Tuesday for a full reports from Casey. That's the best Bay Area out all star coverage anywhere always on Comcast sports net Bay Area and Comcast sports net Bay Area dot com. Tune into sports net central tonight and Comcast sports net Bay Area golf for all your Bay Area sports coverage -- done and -- -- then that's your morning minute. That was to win these sporting news -- CSN Bay Area dot com.

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