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A's kick off important homestand with Yankees



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Thu, 24 Oct 2013|

CSN Sports Business Insider Andy Dolich joins Scott Reiss to discuss the state of MLB franchise valuations.


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About two billion dollar baseball discussion these are your Major League franchise valuations courtesy of Bloomberg had no surprise the Yankees 3.3 billion head and shoulders over everybody else over the Dodgers. Are certainly making great strides they've topped the two million dollar mark at this juncture the Giants are worth one point 23 bill and the days of lagging they -- only. -- they 600 million dollar franchise despite. Talent level that we bring in any Milledge to talk sports business a lot of good topics on the table beginning with. Baseball beginning to lessen the gap between the high -- franchises and some of the NFL. Valuations I saw those numbers I thought of the eleven point two million dollars that the house is paid for the Oakland is in 1980 from Charlie Finley -- not 1880 but 1980. And I think a lot of it has to do with new media the fact that Major League Baseball advanced media has done about -- all the sports. Taking all these statistics and all these games and controlling it. And that's helped the valuation. -- got ten out of thirty baseball team's worth more than a billion topics which is amazing that's a third of the week. And the average NFL franchise one point 17 -- so obviously baseball still has a ways to go but given that -- football continues his go up and up and up in terms of popularity relative to baseball I guess in other baseball folks can take some solace in knowing that while they're still pretty lucrative the other great page for baseball as international growth I mean if you look at Asia Central America Latin America. You know they're trying to in Europe that's not something that the NFL it's probably the only part of the NFL equation and that isn't working well but you know they'll be a lot of people at Wembley on Sunday and baseball cashing in on all the regional cable. The lucrative deals at. Comcast sports net and a lot of via. A lot of the teams have a stake in the regional sports networks as you know we -- withdrawn and the number of games I mean baseball is the best soap -- and sports you don't know what's gonna happen till the very end man that. Turns into money you know it's always FTM follow the money. Baseball's done a good job in allocating all these resources football still the leader so of the average NFL franchises worth one point 17 billion. Well what in LA franchise in work. As south Austin Powers would say if -- got a lot of money -- I I've I've said that there won't be any relocation. To LA. Because I would just be a quarter of the billion dollars relocation fee if the Dodgers sold for two point 15 bill William then an expansion. LA team. Easily north of three billion.

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  20. happy that we're either doing incredible. Meanwhile the Giants wrap up their final road trip on here with 821 win over the Yankees area injury on as a in his first big league home on his first big league hit for the orange and black as the Giants goes sexson