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Look Ahead: Cain takes the hill



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Fri, 11 Sep 2009|

The Giants kick off a huge three-game set with the Dodgers behind ace pitcher Matt Cain.


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I'm their finances in the Comcast sports net studios whip this is in Bay Area dot com look at -- for Friday September 11. It's on game one between the Giants and the Dodgers first of three Matt Cain it's coming up his first win. It more than six weeks when he picked up his thirteenth win over Milwaukee Saturday. When Matt cain's career high for wins after going seven starts. Without a W oh yeah he has yet to beat the Dodgers. Hiroki Kuroda starts for LA meanwhile they -- we get a three game set. In Minnesota rookie Clayton Morton says it's his second start since being called up to his father. Been -- zero he looked decent and seven strong innings against commanders Friday he lost the game but didn't allow a run after the third inning. Nine game winner Nick Blackburn we'll toss it up. For the twins -- more info on all the Bay -- sports news to him in the sport has since the tonight every night at 61030 and again at midnight. Number 24 sevenths sports news information log on to CF then Bay Area that.

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