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What's Trending? Curry, Harden in new commercial



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Tue, 13 Aug 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Hi everybody let's find out what's trending over Yahoo! Sports I go to the website everyday you should be doing that if you don't. I don't like you see how it is if you don't go out there and I'm not gonna like you. On FaceBook or personally I love Notre Dame football that's I'm happy Brian Kelly he wants to prove this year. It will last year wasn't -- -- -- do the same this year this isn't a fluke either this right here is my good buddy Melanie Collins. Melanie how're you I'm gonna I have to just gonna add Garrett I do think that it was a -- last year why don't like you know I I -- I don't like you at all. Gonna are you going to a funeral today that you're going all black -- what's going to diet but you know -- and I look like at the event sometimes I'll just have to pull blackout -- club that. Exactly it's very slimming although your are very slim let's talk about one of my favorite things to the virus start a cable TV network. It would be just athletes do commercials whether it's a national commercial or local commercials because they're the greatest actors known to mankind. Are there any call new commercials involving athletes. Yes but I don't know obviously the greatest actors you know the bad -- that it stopped Perry and James Harden started it but locker correctional. -- we did a nice little glimpse of James Harden hit in that. Talents take -- look. James please don't use. I just had the best in my career I got -- fresh loses go to Shula video the first two games. But I have proved tough. And you play in that room. Nobody else. That curry what -- not impressed -- thankfully he's there -- you -- tell James Harden meetings. Stick your day job on the court are you kidding me it's on my iPod right now I'm loving that -- you waiting go to James Hardy I love it and I -- the commercial. I also love the Dodgers in this way I -- Giants fans sell them. But I love the Dodgers -- that they have silly hangers on celebrity fans -- Not that I involved in a lot of travel I know how else. What -- -- is so laughable because the hanger on fans are coming out now the Dodgers are playing well and we have the best example from a game just the other day at right. The correct that didn't veto it that big Dodgers and he's also and it turns out bad -- Maybe because of the height thing about your does the shortest guy and the Dodgers. Turns out I he war protestors in the game -- to hit the homer in the eighth inning. Nick Punto cars. And second how -- I think anything he got there. And they're actually getting to be -- of course how to -- a post game for his speech on the field. And isn't nice and hot thing to let them. It'd be good speed and dodger bats. Anywhere in the hotel Jersey and they're looking great. How we got what a game I've regretted. I was there. -- ten. Third are listed at 590. So. They didn't -- -- just slightly over five slightly over five bullets Sunday. Glasses at night in a ballpark. I'm a big chubby guy little chubby guy wearing a big shared. It has everything that I hate about Los Angeles all have one little clip right there so thank you for making my day better right there. I need to hole a local Little League World Series and I don't see in the new kids who are coming up. Well I'll become and we just talked about little dodger fan and not one and Danny DeVito what do not a big little leaguer. Yeah I can't afford to Little League the World Series that started we wanna give you kind of a glimpse -- it seemed to have quite the advantage. I'm meets have -- cow ski he's six foot zero. 220 pounds he wears a size fifteen and still. I hit -- twelve years old with the guys twelve years old -- His nickname is slack daddy -- played basketball at them street imagined. I don't know we getting through ten strikeouts and hit two home runs across the team to get to Williamsport so. Look out for the gross point woods stores all did today's news all I. Awakens this kid he's polish kid so you know statement -- -- -- -- box sign a prolonged good and a thorough neat that's what's gonna put on the extra weight. -- he's using it to his advantage I like this story I love big -- or seven. Yep exactly and now I also love champions all of winners and now Jason dubbed the big winner PGA champion correct what do you do with the trophy don't when you win. I think what do you do when it with the trophy again. Well first of your Jason after he takes some much deserved time off to celebrate with the trophy. -- his wife Amanda is to -- -- photo Jason -- sleep thing. With the trophy here isn't bad she right I didn't replaced. Looks like what Jay Cutler might look like a seriously can even explain the Howard Stern Show. The good -- they can hold -- 43. Beers lol wall this. I'm not yeah I think you. We probably would yes exactly -- uses a large -- as he knows 43 Beers I. Eight PGA JB do you want with a right pretty athletic that the rays pitcher Jeff I would accompany the Stanley Cup all that holds fourteen. According Bryant married that is underperforming for the Stanley Cup in -- -- needs a better out. It is a better bowl is winning he's right at all exactly that's really needs you my friend and done any game no Melanie challenger brilliant and -- -- -- talents. We'll do audience and everybody that's -- that's what's trending.

  1. course. Because first and second choice so we get to third choice. You know who they like compared to who we Nobody knows. Punto . No we just sit there and wait and we're not going worry about the the other two. You obviously inherited a team a lot of

  2. back after last night. And. Felt you know they were you first inning was course and a you know we pretty good pitcher Ese Punto applause agrees with. You put. Really good games. Just like tough games behind you and you do in this game character we did

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    And you given him. You know he would then Leno America two and we're trying to score a point we have to Leo. To and but. Punto did. Proceed to. Back to back games throwing work. He's done here. mean it's his opinion two pitchers proper pound the

  4. got to 3 in the morning last night. Watching it does not actually the first time. And you know it wasn't comfortable could Punto tripled to watch. It was pretty and comfortable at the moment as well all I can remember. During it was. I wished it stops

  5. knew yeah. There was all over the relief there. to come back into the quickly going into the third was it was a pleasure to Punto . I thought that. For team has struggled to score lately. Struggled to put a perennial principally as we we are a number of

  6. re gonna fix and and in my opinion it's the dumb mistakes it's. The errors I think the offense will take care of itself Punto . It'll. As far as stepping stones goal. I thought. We. I was in my opinion this was our best game of three. Followed

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    to be. Michigan with the outside which I've no idea. Yeah. Great game. Right now it's a the all year long or thirteen Punto hits it. Think any chances on some if it We'll look at taken part in. Although would be kind of energy and an entire community

  8. yeah. Learn the system. Just jumped to. I guess him just as as they about Pavano thing about the outcome of what I expected Punto I have been through and is constantly. It. By afternoon still like I mean the elliptical. Stuff like de movement in I'm

  9. want it to me to play for a coach room. Do think it was an easy choice for me the only thing was you know either leave home. Punto even that. One winter in Los Angeles and if you live in the North Korea. The easy transition or half full full court press

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    San Francisco. Glad he could stand for consistency. You about it on sweater thorn has always been a year as far as his performance on the ice ball Punto has been a captain of before you more letter for the Bruins. From 2002. Through 2005.

  11. if we get paid a little book it would tolerating W okay. And and in this that was the case you know so it was something that Punto and heard about along time ago. So that and as far as as far as that's concerns over the top everything and all right now

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    two months and then a split time between. Connecticut for a few weeks and then. Fresno for weeks has been a lot of flights Punto and a lot of flies back and forth across the country angle last. Think for you done just about everything. In six months that