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Nolan Ryan

Thu, 17 Oct 2013|

After serving 20 years as the CEO of the Texas Rangers, Hall of Fame pitcher Nolan Ryan announced his planned retirement on Thursday.

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  1. The Big Unit, #300: On Nolan Ryan comparisons

    exactly like you. But if you look at 12 on the strikeout list Nolan Ryan and yourself and Nolan another guy who pitched and pitched ..... to anybody because. If you're gonna be comparing me to Nolan Ryan well he played 27 years he came up in the late sixties early

  2. 7.8: Nolan Ryan on the passing of fan Shannon Stone

    Rangers' owner Nolan Ryan addresses the trajedy that befell baseball fan Shannon Stone on July 7.

  3. 10.28: World Series Press Conferences -- Nolan Ryan (Part 1)

    And and after watching the play of Josh Hamilton this year is there anybody you played with or against in your career that that you might compare with them as far as the kind of year that he had. Not will. Obviously. You know mop put him category. Athletic why hasn't Charlie from I don't know. What

  4. Nolan Ryan on Randy Johnson

    Legend Nolan Ryan congratulates Randy Johnson.

  1. Nolan Ryan to retire as CEO of Texas Rangers


    Thu, 17 Oct 2013

    After serving 20 years as the CEO of the Texas Rangers, Hall of Fame pitcher Nolan Ryan announced his planned retirement on Thursday.

  2. Colon aiming to put himself in select company


    Mon, 17 Jun 2013

    Bartolo Colon lowered his ERA to 2.89 Sunday and has a shot to join the likes of Cy Young and Nolan Ryan if he maintains this pace.

  3. Ray and Glen -- Too much Santana


    Tue, 15 May 2012

    strikeouts so again did get to Santana. We showed Nolan Ryan two no hitters he would pitch today. This is ..... to start they would have out last year. But Nolan Ryan twilight in Anaheim Nolan Ryan always bitch you are always great scared to

  4. 2.8: 1-on-1 with Kruk and Kuip


    Tue, 8 Feb 2011

    product caught a couple thousand people here AT. At Pebble Beach trying to get hit up the Jim Palmer c'mon well I would take Nolan Ryan that is the wildest. Before to tennis Ollie nudges him and you know you know says. you will not be invited back next year

  5. Rangers and the goal of the games that I think. I mean it's obvious problems in new. Standard part in the new park. Reports Nolan Ryan session. You know he's childhood idol mind and wanted to pitchers as it turns out it's over aren't so. Started watching

  6. four back on him for second did you have chances favorite. Rangers later that you might have modeled yourself after anyway. Nolan Ryan music I mean. I'm hitter but I I grew up one pitch and I had tickets to all around schemes and our sixth no hitter mama

  7. early September. Team hasn't been purchased yet. They got within a little while we do and that's before the united and Nolan Ryan Rangers improved bone where. We Well. You maybe right about that but the bottom line is just think that it's great. Well

  8. 8.19: TB/OAK Postgame- Trevor Cahill


    Fri, 20 Aug 2010

    know that you. Tiger's streak of the twenty games. Five innings. you you aware of that coming into tonight you could put Nolan Ryan you're you're tied with him. were you aware that it was the significance. For you. Yeah I mean I knew about it but

  9. 8.7: Chronicle Live- Ralphie May


    Sat, 7 Aug 2010

    there's. How I don't want to when he seven. Okay how one Nolan Ryan heaved a bit magazines that I don't know it and come up ..... anybody's got a media when they saw the Rangers now that Nolan Ryan . Is not uncommon to negotiate a reason they're asking about

  10. Riley and a couple of hall of famers followed Dennis late. And Rickey Henderson and now he's one of just right along with Nolan Ryan and Catfish Hunter two separate numbers retired and New York State almost number 44. But is number nine and we welcome back

  11. 6.20: Nate Schierholtz Postgame


    Sun, 21 Jun 2009

    we know it feels good do. From where the one thing. the pregame ceremony Atlanta hall of famers in the house Tom Seaver Nolan Ryan Gaylord Perry put him pretty as a watches intently. That was to watch you know those are obviously the best pitchers of all

  12. here right. From the Hall of Fame class of nineteen. Gaylord character. From the whole thing. Number 41. Don't it and Nolan Ryan and from the Hall of Fame class of ninety. When your career comes to an You'll undoubtedly. Join them and all the other

  13. AT&T Park welcomes three legends in the 300 win club: Gaylord Perry, Tom Seaver, and Nolan Ryan .

  14. 6.4: Randy Johnson with Greg Papa


    Fri, 5 Jun 2009

    s. Decade of dominance in the history of baseball a lot was written and stated about your. I'm meeting up with would Nolan Ryan and Tom house than the pitching coach. Of the Texas Rangers this summer of a 1992 Randy do you think that was what turns

  15. to. Excel every fifth day in my said it is becoming increasingly harder. And better and better thing I have respect for Nolan Ryan you know feel like it was very honored to be OCM his last game in Seattle when he hurt his arm. age 46. Have a greater appreciation

  16. to Steve Carlton user. Having to strike being compared to Nolan Ryan I mean. I haven't greater appreciation for what I'm doing ..... but. You know to think that you almost a thousand away from Nolan Ryan I mean that's. I do I do take go under consideration and

  17. 5.22: Dave Niehaus


    Fri, 22 May 2009

    in the 1993. Season when he got what Nolan Ryan and Owens pitching coach. In Texas Tom ..... forget and he went over it. Just talk to Nolan Ryan because he had all his stuff and world ..... last start. In 1993. Heavily relies Nolan Ryan wore number 34. Nolan Ryan and about

  18. Tim Lincecum- Part 2


    Mon, 6 Apr 2009

    being more economical your pitches he's a guy and obviously as the second most strikeouts and history of baseball only. Nolan Ryan 's got five of those cy young's that they you have missy talked to you at all about how to get quicker outs this year