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Stiglich: Bullpen gives A's advantage over Tigers

Thu, 31 Oct 2013|

The White Sox announced the hiring of new hitting coach Todd Steverson on Thursday, crediting his help for the Oakland A's remarkable offensive success in recent seasons.

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  1. Cespedes: 'It makes me very proud'

    person and. With everything that's happened in your career. All the changes all the media attention playing for the Oakland Athletics . And being here with us together on the table. Can you appreciate all the changes that have taking care that have taken

  2. Norris: Pinch-hitting 'takes a little different mindset'

    they're really I do. Yeah. And his pencils. A this is Oakland a ' s baseball you know and when our pitching he was struggling ..... really look. Yeah I mean it is my guess that is that's just Oakland a ' s baseball we have a lot of guys that contribute and do the

  3. YSTL: O'Connell: 'These escalating, inflating contracts have to stop'

    The Detroit Tigers down 32 in their series and how about this Prince Fielder. Getting booed by his own home crowd. Pushed Prince Fielder only has one RBI on this post season wanna read article check out Yahoo! Sports right now jackpots on has got a great right. The spring and shot a call back the

  4. Beane on San Jose move: 'I really don't think about it anymore'

    There is some news today just trickling out about him the same Major League Baseball. And your thoughts or comments on that does that seem like right that that. You know the good thing about. The last couple years since is that if I don't say this to avoid the question is it's been fun focusing on

  1. White Sox hire Todd Steverson as new hitting coach


    Thu, 31 Oct 2013

    The White Sox announced they have hired Todd Steverson as their new hitting coach. Steverson has spent the last 10 seasons in the Oakland Athletics organization.

  2. Reddick undergoes successful wrist surgery


    Wed, 30 Oct 2013

    Oakland A ' s outfielder Josh Reddick has undergone successful surgery on his right wrist and is expected to be healthy for spring training.

  3. Desire to return mutual for Colon, A's


    Tue, 29 Oct 2013

    The Oakland A ' s have a desire to re-sign Bartolo Colon, but how much is the team willing to shell out to bring him back for another year?

  4. White Sox to hire Steverson as new hitting coach


    Fri, 25 Oct 2013

    The Chicago White Sox are set to hire Todd Steverson as the team's new hitting coach. Steverson comes over from the Oakland Athletics , where he spent the last two years as the hitting coordinator.

  5. Mariners interview A's bench coach Hale


    Wed, 23 Oct 2013

    The Seattle Mariners are looking for a new manager and are looking at Oakland A ' s bench coach Chip Hale as a potential replacement.

  6. Report: Mariners interview A's bench coach Hale


    Wed, 23 Oct 2013

    The Seattle Mariners are looking for a new manager and are reportedly looking at Oakland A ' s bench coach Chip Hale as a potential replacement.

  7. Oakland A's playoff history


    Sat, 12 Oct 2013

    From their three-peat in the 70s to the Bay Bridge series win, through recent early exits, a look back at the A's postseason history.

  8. Time now who who Wednesday's morning news on this and Bay Area dot com. Obama would your morning minute unfortunately baseball in the Bay Area. Is over. season comes to a close after losing three nothing on Thursday Justin Verlander he was really good eight innings two hits no runs ten Miguel

  9. Just of their last four cards 27 innings pitched fifteen or sixteen walk or six walks and or three strikeouts. What's going on. Back. Excellence Sosa. Work my butt off all year. To try to get consistent and I give myself right today and I feel like it finally paid off that in the year you know

  10. Well. I give credit to him because he understands himself. And he knows he has pitches were formed and Penn with the and today first games little different. In this game loses arsenal's. It was definitely. Change up or something like Peppers and in this game yet was locating his fastball was well

  11. So. It was and it came over his career. It's taken the now you expect. Think in different aspects. Look at it we're really going to be assurances sixty. He hit I was more frustrating part where. We couldn't get him out of stretching it. Using strong point for us tonight and for a guy like that is

  12. And so it's almost one point and you know we feel it rehearsal for the good opportunity. And game tonight. It. We needed them. It. Lot of guys we'll ability. Home. I thought it was mentioned. I think. Its thirty homes. And started. Par five. Didn't. The Tigers. Practiced them in school. Left.

  13. It's just it's. We believe it's. you and again we're just. It's actually come out. You know obviously. Agree that we knew the greens here. An incredible ball team actually out that we are we pushed them. We pushed and pushed and pushed them and takes in games like that where there are throwing him

  14. Time now who who Wednesday's morning. It's in the area dot com. Good morning everyone Welker went to morning minute from the Comcast sports net studios the Santa Clara County district attorney is charged the all pro linebacker Smith went three felony counts of illegal possession. Of an assault

  15. Time now put the Wendy's. Here he had time. Good morning CSN Bay Area dot com on the street here your morning minute from Wednesday October 9 the a's remain one game away from an ALCS berth after a heartbreaking loss in game number. Or despite another good game Coco Crisp the aides the Tigers by a

  16. A's going with rookie Gray over Colon in Game 5


    Wed, 9 Oct 2013

    The Oakland A ' s have decided to skip Bartolo Colon's turn and go with rookie Sonny Gray against Justin Verlander and the Tigers in Game 5.

  17. Russia and we did we get the big and go ahead run off pictures in his first inning and you think you you really do at the moment it's on your side and seemed to change their once. You know when one when we're up late in the game like that we really like our chances and you know a team like this is

  18. Two things. First. Who will pitch Thursday why. Haven't decided yet. Also in the seventh inning went little against Jackson. There was any part of that affected Jackson's it. What do you mean it that if you'd gone right here my No I too little regardless is our guy in those situations we don't we

  19. Obviously the outcome not only as McNabb I should start in the beginning you really start this game off strong what was working for him. I think just. Good mix of pitches to him off balance that's that said location on. I was like to have the best I don't they'll throw Cheney and their and helped

  20. I Atlantic and that at the net and CSN California dot com your insider just stick it to sell. I wanna talk about this game I think that that's on everyone's mind but before we get that. I Newsnight at that day Jarrod Parker we wonder why you let the game perhaps a little bit early yesterday and