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Pence: 'Bumgarner set the tone for us'



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Fri, 26 Oct 2012|

Hunter Pence expresses his happiness over Game 2 starter Madison Bumgarner's great start and breaks down his at-bat against Octavio Dotel.


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Congratulations hunter and the Giants eighteen to make three and small all of -- different nights game offensively -- -- they'll lay down at the idealist but. But gone stealing second to get in as we're in the business and you with a sac fly take three out about it and that's how. Well you know before before I got to the bat against -- -- I mean this was. Huge collective effort great game. I'm gonna set the tone for -- you know couldn't be happier for him. You know sometimes you just gotta get that one more opportunity and now he made -- time so I'm really happy for him. Good defense. And you know -- -- that up for Dotel we have now. You know we had obviously -- got to get a bat to get on base steal the bag. You know -- Pablo and buster and really you know just had to try to put the ball play you know Dotel made two really good pitches to get ahead 02. And you know once he was there is a guy we get here and have to find a way to fight to get this ball flight and now fortunately as the -- You know she's mount pressure at night and -- he had been struggling for sure and eleven point -- by the ear -- in the this postseason coming into tonight's game. He worked so hard to fix whatever problems he had what that means to you when you see a young pitcher like athlete in that kind of effort. I mean. Madison is an incredible individual he's he's got a really strong well he's a hard worker. He deserved the opportunities that's great for us all year. You know this game is a typical game there's going to be adversity that you face there's going to be on almost every person that's played this game is gonna fail at some point. And you know you gotta make adjustments and and he showed he can do that they showed what he's capable of and we couldn't be happier for hot. -- guys heading to train with a two game lead but I'm guessing it's his time to let up odd to think back I don't relax. -- definitely got to step on the -- -- the World Series. These -- you know the best in the American League best in the National League and you know stay focused and continue to. Play good ball 900 and thank you so much and congratulations to -- they gained huge victory.

  1. s he to talk about stopping ourselves. But. He made some column in the in the all the guys made me some plays that. That Dotel is hurt even the last touchdown the straight guy that we yeah. Take worry about holding penalty. We actually we got some things

  2. everything they worked for right now we even heard. Last night after the game there was some tension in the clubhouse not to be O Dotel and Miguel Cabrera how do you think they are approaching this game in a situation where yet they may be tensing up a bit. You

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  5. Our quarterback's gotta be it would do no panic no nothing you let me know we couldn't hear kind of looked at the huddle Dotel got base and heritage gain four yards with them. Yet because you're able to show someone in with Pittman we got to walk to