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Is Tigers' closer Benoit being too confident?



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Sat, 5 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Know the Tigers took game one that really how big is game one because we are lucky that lot afterward -- after that victory. He felt like the Tigers were on the verge of the World Series what do you make a comment like that is it too soon to think that night that. Know he's right this series is over the a's have lost they've already -- in Boston are already starting World Series and there Ratliff that they're not it you know it's just. The -- when you hear it. It looks different than when you see it. Basically what he said was we -- we feel like we're playing as well as we can't we're ready to go. I don't think he meant it to say the a's -- done. And you know he's been around long enough to know that. That doesn't play well and the a's don't really need that kind of fuel anyway I think what they need to do is put a ban on ball which they did not do in game one. You know you cannot strike out sixteen times to anybody any team and get away with a what they've got to do is either hitters that they typically are and they've got to do it against one of the best pitchers in baseball so winning winning tonight. Is hugely important because they go to Detroit down 02 damion -- it back here at all. Reality is being this matchup when you look at it on the tigers' side with Verlander obviously. Last year at lights out -- is that it is -- its -- season so how are you expecting to see this one play out is matching up against the red he had great out there. I think Detroit likes its chances here we need -- one he's the defending MVP and while his velocity is down he's had some struggles this year. He's still a better bet than Sonny -- there just isn't enough. Sample size to be able to see what Sonny gray is especially in a game like this. Detroit's worry is not going to be pitching anyway it's going to be its offense Miguel Cabrera is hurt out there you could tell he's not running very well at all. And they go and they're gonna need. More out of Prince Fielder they're gonna need more -- Victor Martinez. They're gonna need more out of Omar Infante they're gonna have to become just a better team in general up and -- lineup because they can't just rely on Cabrera to get them out of jams. They're gonna have to either score more or hope that Verlander. Basically smothers the days the way scherzer did last night. And I wanted to follow up on this offense is yet to get the job done last night but very gone on the record that you're ready for the World Series -- -- youth. Mentioned some areas that you try to line it does need to improve -- time. But do you think it all starts with Cabrera and if he isn't 100% which we've already heard he's not can you improve upon. You can get more from your other guys I mean you don't have to wait for the one guy to save you. But look they crushed BA's last night and managed only three runs they had Bartolo Cologne on the ropes couldn't do anything with -- they they got a handle bio terror they got handled by -- little they can be pitched here. The problem for Oakland is that they've got to figure a way to get to Verlander because if they can't get to Verlander. The Tigers won't need to hit very much because -- scored just enough to get out of this. But if this turns out to be a more typical -- game it's gonna be 85 it's not gonna be 32 again. I don't see how it plays out for -- Kate -- at the end despite what that lot that it's only ABC news of this division series.

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