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6.19: Omar Vizquel on his return to AT&T Park



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Sat, 29 May 2010|

Former Giants 3B Matt Williams reminisces with Greg Papa on Chronicle Live.


Machine Generated Transcript

Our medic -- puppet studio where they're welcome back to the Bay Area first of all standout topic is you've changed roles. Since you joined the Diamondbacks used to be a broadcaster. You were doing everything are you still have and ownership piece of the club in addition to be the first base coach. Yeah I I do it's it's a very small he expert guess I'm officially one of -- limited partners. And you know I I enjoy getting back on the field because the uniforms are most comfortable. Suit and -- doesn't suit me very well. But but I'm enjoying it -- don't want funk. A couple of years ago 2007 you were the interim manager at double A mobile when our friend Brett Butler your former teammate with the Giants had to leave the club there. And you managed the final couple of months of the season -- is that your ultimate goal is to be a big league manager. Well I think that that seat that's where I would like to be headed in that direction there's. It certainly no timetable on -- we don't know that but I'm learning. You know I've I think I've got to fairly decent knowledge of the game and and ultimately would like to end up in that position where I can. You know some have some control and and get a winning club and gets the World Series and win it again. In that role so the end that's the ultimate goal what that timeframe is I don't know but terrible right now I'm trying to help us win -- at first base coach in the infield coach in. And -- see where we go without. And your work is the infield coach and you're working very closely with the Diamondbacks current third baseman Mark Reynolds should tighten up his defense dramatically last year but. I too many kind of reminds me at times of of a young Matt Williams he's not nearly the glove defender you -- at third base but he gets for a lot of power at 44 jacks last year strikes not a lot sudden you'd get a quite a bit in your career to seal a lot of yourself in the current Diamondbacks third baseman -- Why these -- better than I he's got a lot more talent. Certainly allow more power than I ever had. He's a fantastic defender. He indeed the -- -- -- mark last year in the years prior were that you know he's still very young big leaguer. There's not twenty years old but as a big leaguers very young and and learning the craft of playing third base he came up as a shortstop. I moved him to third because you start -- grown into his body a little baton and he's -- so what we try to do every day is improve get better at the position every day. We know is gonna hit balls on the ballpark we know. They gonna drive runs in but if we can shore him up defensively at third that he turns -- you know. Valid MVP candidate so. That's who wanted to and so far it's been goodies easier to learn he's eager to get better and and you know he'll improve from here. Now you say he has more power than you -- he does have great -- at 44 -- last year but you had over thirty homers and a season six times in your career we all remember 1994 you had forty. Three home runs when the strike hit on August the twelfth you were on pace to obliterate the all time records you're saying this guy has more power than you had. He's got as much power for a right handed hitters I've I see. So -- of that week we see hit balls that are 500 feet. You know it it's a little bit of that animal that's that's kind of animal he is gonna strike out some. And we know that the question is you know how how often can he make proper context because it's incredible when he -- and there's no part in the game to hold him. And you know we saw last year with 44 homers what he's capable of doing. If he makes a little more contact this -- as he wants to do and everybody else wants him to -- who knows -- ago. -- have and they had 94 year that I referenced earlier do you ever look back on that because out of all of you would have broken the record or not but I think it was a -- needed got to have a chance to break the record as they say at 43 when the strike hit. On August the twelfth the record at that time was still 61 McGwire and Barry Bonds had not arrived yet do you ever look back on that and wonder I had a whole third of the season -- needed to get a chance to play out. I may have broken that wreck I I might Biden may have been the first got to get by Roger -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- reason I was that were I was at as a big league baseball player was because of the sacrifices that guys name for me. That played forming. So that we we were in support of of our objective is union then yeah I'd never regretted defect that I that I was in sport that I was part of in all these guys that decided to. Do you stand up and and defend well we felt was right. You know fortunately for the game. It's come back can and come back healthy after all of that that mess that that was 19941995. But. I don't regret the fact -- a chance of you know I was lucky to play in the big leagues anyway. Never thought that that I would last as long as I did so. You know -- who knows what could have happened. I'm not much worried about them. To a two a lot of people I think there remember you it you know with the with the great power. But for me it is your play at third base in your soft chances fact I was doing the a's games I remember when you went over to Cleveland. In 1997 of the Jeff Kent trade and they move Jim Toby Tommy over to first base. And I think that may have that Tony was an okay first baseman but its second short and third then in 97 you guys had. Robbie Alomar at second Omar Vizquel at short and Hewitt third and I've ever watch you guys taken field. And my breath was taken away just a beauty of it. Talk about that 97 at. The combination of Robby and Omar in yourself and what it was like just have to be apart. Maybe the greatest defensive combination at second short and third in the history of the game. Well we knew going in that seasoning and I've missed my first you're an American League I knew going in what can a team they had. And was just you know looking to help as much as I could but then when you get there and you have a chance to play with -- guys of that caliber. You you realize boy you know we've we've got a real shot here and we ended up making it to the World Series in getting beat by the Marlins of course -- That was one of the best teams that I ever played on that in 93 Giants team. Was fantastic as well on the of course you know that the World Series team in Arizona in 2001 was fantastic to self. But looking back on that time all of albeit only one year of playing there. Though what a fantastic experience experience in the American League playing with guys of that caliber if you if you look at that team. It's funny our bench guys. Or Sean Casey. Brian Giles. You know guys that ended up being fantastic big -- those the guys that with the young guys that we had on the bench we had a really really good team. Unfortunately -- we came up one inning short and lost in extra innings the World Series. I route rattled off your infield against Sandy Alomar junior behind the plate in the outfield was Albert Belle. Caddie lofted -- and Manny Ramirez and -- most people got out early at the Jake to watch you guys take BP but I can vividly remember watching you guys take infield. It was the most impressive thing I've seen in baseball the way you guys move the ball around. Which leads me so why don't they take infield in baseball anymore as much as they used to -- Bailey infield coach of the Diamondbacks do you make them take. Infield more than we see around baseball. But depends on the day often times when we are at home. We will take infield on the days that we don't get on the field usually a Sunday or a midweek day game where we're not taking batting practice on the field. We'll take our infield practice to make sure we get out there and get loosened you prepare for the game. Otherwise on a day like today you know where we have a night game. All work is done early all the work will be done at -- clock before anybody gets into the ballpark anybody can see an infield practice take place. It's changed in that regard you know when I first -- -- the big leagues we took it just about every day. And -- at least once a series. But it does it doesn't it's not that way anymore it's more specialized. By position so we can get out here I can get the third baseman in the second baseman out here. At 2 o'clock for fifteen minutes each and all of their work gets done as opposed to trying to do and after batting practice prior to the game there's really not much time on the road to get that done. Are ready and I got that Diamondbacks live out in your wearing red to most of our audience you're still orange and black welcome welcome back to San Francisco Matt. I appreciate him and thank you.

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