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Thu, 26 Jul 2012|

Andrew Baggarly joins Barry Tompkins on Chronicle Live to talk about Tim Lincecum's postgame demeanor this season.


Machine Generated Transcript

Well after two solid performances since the all star break it was another rough outing tonight -- -- he allowed five earned runs in just four and two thirds innings. Six to three loss. The San Diego Padres. Joining us now are CSN Bay Area Giants insider and back in the -- hero oh by the way and congratulations great performance in jeopardy. About him that's the break in the first thing I I I do want to talk to them about is. What -- the but. Tennessee like right here we decide he's been a stand up guy -- when he loses it. Something is very different I think about Tim Lincecum this year but I think maybe there are a lot of -- is performance on the field that you can applaud but you can certainly applaud what he's done after the game. Yeah you know it's a little bit and appreciated for guys to. You know talked to the media after starts it's nobody really wants to hear oh he was a standup guy -- lost the game. But it is something that he's done all year long you know he hasn't had a start or he's just completely blown up afterwards and blown us off. He's always been very accountable he knows he's making a lot more money than he ever has in his career you know some people expect of him and he knows. What a critical role he plays on this team his team is built around him and Matt Cain and Madison Holmgren right ovals so you know he definitely knows the mental. But he's got to hold on this team and you know sentiment and two guys really kind of this play short fly ball from cup that he and the fact -- its hard. -- held together. And that's got to be hard for him because he -- -- -- on the day before makes one of the best catches sees me at all year in and -- -- there's got to be some. Element of why can't that happen during my start you know instead of having on somebody's up somebody -- starting he has had this year. Of bad luck but you know what now he's pitching for team in contention you've got a chance to go for a sweep. -- a pod racing it's definitely inferior. You know in lesbians defense that lineup after the Giants had was not gonna score a lot of runs to support not only did they go from Gregor Blanco as leadoff. Hit to start the game until the seventh. To in between hits but. He didn't hit a ball out of the infield in the second through sixth innings so I definitely would have been a tough wrote for him to victory regardless of how he was pitching today it -- one last thing before -- get -- the subjected to Lincecum and -- referred to it that is that the the Padres were. Really working today they were too deep in the counts as pitch count was very high. Even as a as a fourth -- yeah and I thought that was a big difference between this start. And the start that I saw in Philadelphia Lincecum in Philadelphia established his fastball very well early. And then the second third time through the lineup he was the one making adjustments and staying one step ahead of the hitters and here the second time to the lineup the pod race obviously mean a much better adjustment. And were able to really -- some pitches and you know as he said the blooper was that's the difference of two runs right there. I didn't think it was a gross misplayed by the guy definitely could've had that ball perhaps -- a better jump but. You know what those things happen you have to try to stay in the rallies and he gave up a couple of of the leaders and and he give up a walk that loaded the bases for that to happen. And we eludes the fact earlier that this was a Giants team with not a lot of pop in the lineup. Buster Posey getting the day -- but maybe the bigger the bigger picture we should talk about Pavel Osama -- comes up with a bad -- last night what's latest. Well Pablo global ruled himself out to play in the Dodgers series and certainly looks like it's gonna take him a few days before you set. Ready to play you know we've all seen what happened with the Dodgers in that camp this year is similar hamstring issue and tried to play. I too quickly ended up putting himself back on the DL for a longer stint at times so I think it's very prudent of the Giants to wait to put them on the. Deal they got a tired day off tomorrow. He's gonna come into its treatment they can really evaluate where he's going to be he's only gonna be out maybe four or five days. And maybe you don't put him on the disabled list but it's going to be real hard for me to imagine publicly against the Dodgers meanwhile the Dodgers are walking in with a brand new guy and Hanley Ramirez so. Pretty interesting addition and subtraction of -- -- to get out. That was -- to my next question was asked about the Dodgers. Clearly better team with the addition of Ramirez and apparently they're not all done dealing yet. Know they say they're gonna keep -- and Ryan Dempster is a guy that got their eyes on Shane Victorino is a guy that they've got their eyes on as well you know it's obviously new ownership group and they won two. Reestablish that dodger -- in Los Angeles which you know there are already beginning to do. You know I've I've covered a team like over the Angels in two 1988. And the Texas Rangers went out and he got I think it was Todd Stoudemire on the -- of Todd zeal. At the deadline needs to do anything just a half ago which students person. And a clubhouse definitely the wind went out of the clubhouse now the Giants will they react the same way it's hard to say but. I guarantee with Pablo while they're probably some phone calls being well that's this I was gonna ask you what you feel Bryant's David is doing right now I'm and is there. Start to be that wouldn't. You know. What do I need to do shouldn't use of these of that -- of the well every public comment that he's made his then that he thinks that the team's weaknesses of them are not major weaknesses that every team has some flaws -- -- maybe you can just. Sort of strap it on and go get him with what they have I think they realize from some of the mistakes they meet in the past they're not gonna go out. And get another Orlando Cabrera the gonna cast their lot with Brandon Crawford which means he should have done last year. Now could they get somebody like -- Aramis Ramirez at that you a lot of his money that's a very back loaded contract he's making ten million next year sixteen million. The year after that and there's no DH you can put him he can't play the infield but. They're gonna have to start looking at maybe some options like gotten in and decide how palatable they are going forward and what they're -- it will commitments -- -- makes financial sense thanks thanks so much at a target. A long time -- -- where we are at a time and you didn't answer me with a question that was good path at a I had a lot of that lately I don't have a very well I might add.

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