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Sabean: 'We have to play clean to give our pitching a chance'



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Fri, 18 May 2012|

Brian Sabean talks about what the Giants have to do in order to be successful this season, highlighting cleaning up the defense.


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You know it comes interleague play can be a little bit strange you go to one ballpark to play that one rules go to the National League to play by those rules. And for the Giants it very easy going and asking he's been good but he also has its individual personalized catcher and Hector Sanchez and meets bluster gets the night off. It's not a part of literally -- maybe a little bit tricky you'd like to see him get a chance of -- DH -- could -- American League. Well I think it's good to play home and all of this is one of those so. Quirks in the schedule but so I would rather play home the first series against so -- to be frank within. Then that today wasn't a -- scheduled day off the -- as much as he needed day off of him playing that game yesterday afternoon I can't. He mentioned Palmer go back to -- once did I wanna make sure get a right. Build a little overmatched at times is that there are you sought is that what you're saying but you can't see that from you know his his strikeout ratio easier from his swing and -- -- -- think there. He's fourth and all of baseball in almost 40% of the swings that he does take you missed the baseball and he obviously has to clean that up its final. Move on something of Bobby Evans said earlier this weekend. That always gets fans' ears popping when they say all but not some feelers putting up Steelers can mean any number of things but. What kind of discussions can be had in the month of may you guys look at your roster and then what are those Steelers looking at. While most all the Steelers aren't turning. -- -- You work inside the organization make sure -- -- in the right places you have multiple looks at the moment you examine everybody's minor leagues as needed. And more so -- do a thorough job on your own talent to what's going on a triple play it could be called up -- world really what I deficits. -- when you look at your club your a -- all right you're getting ready to go on the road with the team to go to Milwaukee in Miami but what are you watching foreknowledge here in the middle of may and then. Compared to what your hopes were at the start of the year vs what they're doing right now -- But we we have to play claim and I think that if we do that. Will probably be able to scratch enough runs across home plate. But give our pitching a chance to win ball games. You know we're really 500 club 500 home five -- on the road. In this next road trip it's going to be tough opponent of a walk and also Miami and maybe the debate that we're going to Miami for the four games. But again it's good to be home we need to win the series and and have a good road trip but by and -- -- -- to cut down that that aaron's total in the tournament daily basis and you don't really give our pitching a chance to get us in the in the position that. If we have a slow runner in scoring position a chance to get a run across the board late in the game that somebody's stepson doesn't force -- we really don't have wanted to go to guys. Time to piggyback on me up putting out -- scenario and and you look at your club right now second base there are some questions Freddy Sanchez is still continue to have his physical issues. How quickly do you start to look to other teams and Orlando Hudson's guys all of a sudden going to be available pretty soon you guys sit down and investigate how he can. Of your level you do all that but what what's that difficult for us now they'll learn a position where. Terry should be back that means somebody else has to go above Sanchez comes back and we expected to -- get back out into the -- Early next week than somebody else has to go so none of the above above forty man roster from given 25 -- rust from -- you have to be very careful we have too many people. You know vying for only sort of position to. One -- you do have on your roster and Giants fans are witnessing something from here in 2012. On free -- a lightning rod for what you guys can do. How quickly can we expect to see more of Aubrey Huff on a regular basis. Well he's ready now it's just it's you know as -- constituted. We have other guys at his position. Broncos really stepped up and leadoff spot in the outfield so that an X amount to help build that we do wanna go their use especially felt you know this time at first base. That's maybe an odd and ironic part of playing Oklahoma subtle way up Rivera probably going to be in the DH for a cross the midnight. All right there's one like I Twitter at crime life CSN. You can handle -- anyway you wish the one name that keeps coming across on Twitter is Kevin Youkilis Kevin Youkilis Kevin Youkilis I don't know how to approach that question. What is he the kind of player the Giants would have a level of the. That's why I can't speak do not somebody else's team that you know isn't going through waivers must like -- and Hudson. That that's not important now because the rules but I you know I'll say this. There's a quick fix up there yet to be cognizant of the money in any you'd be taken on you have to also be aware. You do a deal this early gonna pay dearly and you know we're going to be methodical but just try to solve our problems internally first. -- lost two weeks in the the rehab process he's got two more weeks hopefully and you get into that whole week when the going to bring him back up here so that's not -- Q just people.

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  15. that is important. You did you have it's. Expect things that I haven't got there I got a mixture here and do. I envision Hudson threw. On the team and underperforming pitcher. You guys think this is great for human. Some. Got and we can you know play

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