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Vogelsong kicks off huge series with surging Braves



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Thu, 9 May 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

What the Atlanta Braves starts tomorrow we'll see Julio Tehran had not sit at 200 game -- former open de Paul Maholm the lefty Chris -- let them. The Giants we'll go with the arrival of a song that. Medicine about starter Tim Lincecum so -- struggling right he's involvement. Lefty is locked -- mad bomber Saturday night rival's fall flat start five -- things. And six shortly. Usually gives -- -- -- and AJ Ellis and then the wheels come off in the fifth inning when Randy Crawford could not turn a double play behind him. Yeah I mean he didn't pitch great -- includes -- struggle right now I've battled himself on every pitch so you know what you do I've been there before. Pitcher I've I've struggled like this in the past. -- -- to do here to simplify things and you gotta get your head a little bit I think that's going on right. Now he's in his head right now mechanically is in his head right now things -- going on behind him. You got to simplify the game go to what you what works go to your strengths his strength is his fastball command down away from right handed hitters got to mix pitches up but just. Lower your sights stayed down on the strikes and he's making a lot of mistakes up in his own. You know you gotta you gotta quit thinking about things that's that's really what it comes down -- actually kidding according pitch with conviction he needs to do that tomorrow night. He's gonna have to be sharp Thursday against the Atlanta Braves because they're playing great they just went to Cincinnati won two out of three there. And just enough to know we know well from the Arizona Diamondbacks twelve home runs in the month of April the National League player of the month he had the day off today that he is off to a great start with a new team. Yeah I mean unbelievable trade for the Atlanta Braves pop I mean. Obviously Diamondbacks made it made the trade just help their ball -- about the things that wasn't a good fit over there with Kirk Gibson and Arizona Diamondbacks but. A change of scenery has been huge for him reuniting with his brother. So you know he's comfortable over the a lot of rays are having a great season they won the last three out of four. So other gonna they're hot team's arrival of songs definitely gonna have to be on his game.

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