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STA 2.28: Urban Home Movies, Phoenix, AZ- Phoenix Municipal Stadium at Night with JC and David

Tue, 5 Mar 2013|

After 31 spring seasons at Phoenix Municipal Stadium, the A's have agreed to move to a new renovated home in Mesa, Arizona in 2015.

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  1. 2.17: Rich Harden shut down

    Kate Longworth takes you to Phoenix Municipal Stadium where Rich Harden's quest to be named the fifth starter was sidetracked Thursday.

  2. 3.1: Urban home video -- A's gameday

    Urban brings you to Phoenix Municipal Stadium in Arizona where the A's engaged in Spring Training action.

  3. 2:18: Raising Arizona -- Giants and A's report to Spring Training.

    progressing along beautifully after Tommy John surgery last year Anderson set up twenty pounds lighter this brain. At Phoenix Municipal Stadium I'm Kate longworth Comcast sports net.

  4. 2.20: Dallas Braden's pet Godzilla

    Everybody it's Michael it's Sunday Phoenix Municipal Stadium is camp and number promised he would get two good starts and definitely gonna get it today there's. Word is it. goes in their

  1. A's secure new spring training home


    Tue, 5 Mar 2013

    After 31 spring seasons at Phoenix Municipal Stadium , the A's have agreed to move to a new renovated home in Mesa, Arizona in 2015.

  2. Reddick is ready to rumble


    Fri, 15 Feb 2013

    PHOENIX -- A's outfielder Josh Reddick is ready to rumble. He arrived at Phoenix Municipal stadium on Friday, promptly displayed the shirt of WWE Superstar Ryback in his clubhouse stall, then put on the entrance theme for three

  3. A's players not seeking apologies from Colon


    Mon, 11 Feb 2013

    suspension meant he had to leave behind his team when they needed him the most. Yet, on Monday when he arrived at Phoenix Municipal Stadium , he was greeted warmly. It's safe to say there's no bad blood between Bartolo Colon and his teammates

  4. what's on our. Hello Michael are you. Come on there that you figured out so I. CP this is now hailing it Phoenix Municipal Stadium . And leave hill went everywhere because. Not conducive for baseball. Or previous things. He talked about

  5. came admitted to me he's an NBA is being around so many players with great. Had tonight I'm very different Phoenix Municipal Stadium the home of the days but we begin with the Giants as Wednesday it was their final day this spring without some

  6. I'm Holler at back here at Phoenix Municipal Stadium where the pitchers think catchers reported the ..... little things. And right I'm he longworth at Phoenix Municipal Stadium Comcast sports net.

  7. it's Wednesday night over Phoenix Municipal Stadium night game is vs Dodgers televising the game on CS and California I'm going to be in the dugout during interviews is that there

  8. We're seeing is the back. back Phoenix Municipal Stadium just got done my work and map and to my car ..... does that take care. Also I have struggled with Phoenix Municipal Stadium . And it insists on trying to it and insisted

  9. Just finished. Cram session of budget interviews you'll see during its telecasts. I'm outside Phoenix Municipal Stadium on Saturday. looking for like the classic desert seem to show you. This is about as close as it gets disturbed

  10. RA Friday. Late afternoon evening. Nobody is here to Phoenix Municipal Stadium . But. I'm taking this video because it got to me you know from case fans are used to recovering the a's for the comprehensively

  11. songs are so some destroying. I'm Friday morning at 830 the team will hold an entire team meeting here at Phoenix Municipal Stadium before all sixty plus players on the roster. Head over to pop park. For their first full squad practice.

  12. good yet look more productive. We've been through since forever no. Played down there. Believe me. And and in and in. Your You should use extremely hard that are pro later it's. Are those laws made it to Phoenix Municipal Stadium .

  13. not going to be at base camp anymore. Taking. The whole field down to. Scott's. Let us as the Giants. Phoenix Municipal Stadium . And I tell you it. Topics of conversation today Michael Taylor. Do as the beasts. Service is blown away

  14. Stated head over to Pargo park which is were. The aides do a lot of the work are going to be working out at Phoenix . Municipal stadium for the first time throughout the alteration of spring training. But after that stuck up ago it's day before