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Sat, 31 Jul 2010|

Paul Alexander from FSN Pittsburgh breaks down the Giants' trade deadline deal with the Pirates.


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For more on today's daily let's take you to Pittsburgh and welcome in Paul Alexander from Memphis and Pittsburgh politics talk about. First what the Giants are getting and Javier Lopez -- what do you see out of this lefty. Well right now he's been used as a specialist I'm not sure and San Francisco where they've had some serious injury problems on the left side and ample -- They wanna try and stretch about a little bit you know maybe work a seventh or eighth inning. Right now he's been a specialist and he's done a great job parts of caught up on him. In key situations you know runners on. You know -- six -- he's worked 38 plus innings he's a really nice job of getting out he left handed batters in key situations. And John Rocker I mean with us and guided the Pirates were hot on the -- a lot of -- always had a terrific minor league career didn't do so great with the big league club this year but are the Pirates optimistic about bringing him in. All the way they look at that on the day they dealt away five free agent that that they just acquired they have six players like Bowker. You know guys that if they pan out. Can help them down the road and help them for a lot of years so. This is kind of transition near the parts -- brought up their young players they have their core in place these free agents -- weren't really part of the future like Lopez in the other guys that they doubt they'll tell. You guys think got a -- today were not part of the future. What they got from San Francisco what they got from LA what they got from the Diamondbacks are players that they opening in a year to. Maybe figure and you know fighting for an everyday spot. Paul last thing how frustrating is it for Pirates fans are continually see this team be a seller at the trade deadline. Pay it seems like it's been just that Groundhog Day in Pittsburgh season after season is again all. The losing has been extremely old it's it's very difficult to get excited for baseball season each and every year. But today's trade that deadline very different again. They have brought up their core players and in Alvarez provident Neil walker. These are the guys that they feel that they can win with going forward. The players that they got away today no they weren't the Jason -- of the Xavier Nady or that Jack Wilson's even. That the guys they traded the last several years have been key players that you know a lot of fans have grown very accustomed to and really associated with the Pirates. These guys were kind of out of players and in other at the time expired and they they double the way I don't think they'll be any. Any reaction negative as far as with the Pirates did today Hart Paul Alexander from -- -- -- appreciate time.

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    the way they look at that on the day they dealt away five free agent that that they just acquired they have six players like Bowker . You know guys that if they pan out. Can help them down the road and help them for a lot of years so. This is kind of transition

  2. right field. Does that BP right now that. Batting instructor and we knew woods hammered the ball off the wall over John Bowker to get used to this right field wall. We scoreboard guys that you're getting ready. Our history the bottom here

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  4. Nate Schierholtz reacts to losing out on the opening day starting right-fielder position to John Bowker .

  5. Yeah I mean it was a nice day out and early home run off Jim hits he's got good stuff so they're gonna talk here you know Bowker started off and then. Wasn't religion problem to deliver the question will. and a great day for you obviously as loud that

  6. breaks. You get that Beckett 400 bats and again much like John Bowker which will will move on to afterward on what buster ..... terrorists it up and plays great. Now let's talk about John Bowker he came into camp news companies can QB competing just

  7. celebration possibly related. Sanchez strikes out commitments he had eleven days over six innings later in the game John Bowker . Get all around that's his fifth this Brady also added double as he tries to make their opening day roster and that

  8. solid innings and it's how you. Just started to go against that impressed you the most of very. Very solid outing John Bowker another two hit night two doubles Arab role will really tremendous swing he had to hit bank. And and and Mark DeRosa

  9. we moved to the bottom of the seventh still reportedly runners on the corners for Bengie Molina. And he finds a gap John Bowker is gonna come to score five to three Giants at that point. And then Brian Wilson celebrate his contract extension

  10. Now we're bringing her to. Replace John of that tomorrow morning. Don't talk over your fellow announcer just sick but true colors. Could either but focused on my foot camp. Outside trying to lose their. That. And Sean. That this does men's room. But so going. You heard the sound. Bryant.

  11. you put enrolled in the leadoff spot and he took off. And and I think. The big guy that is in the mix in this is is John Bowker and after such a terrific minor league season. For John You know they need to find out if this guy is the guy. And