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145 - Carina and Alexis

Fri, 23 Aug 2013|

Texas Rangers second baseman Ian Kinsler says new White Sox infielder Leury Garcia has the skills to make him an everyday player reminiscent of All-Star shortstop Rafael Furcal.

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  1. 142 - Eddie and Ronald

    the mound. We'll head straight to the top of the ninth giant who want. Andre either singled down the right field Rafael Furcal . Scores on the planet and makes it it's not too long game with the game tied one near Revis that's up to the plate

  2. 116 - Alexander and Sue

    Lincecum on the let's stick to the top of the ninth have one inning and crack on your single down the right field line. Rafael Furcal all of scores on the play and they expect him to T ball game. With the game tied him watery stepped up to the plate

  3. 153 - Vicente and Sofia

    We'll be heading straight to top of that night Giants. Giants up 21 and hate your singles on the right field line Rafael Furcal scores of blame it's due to bugging. With the game time they sets up to Slaton onto the pitch deep to left field

  4. 150 - Alice and Andrew

    Todd McLellan is and Tim Lincecum on how. streets the Giants up 21. Andre either singled down the right field line Rafael Furcal scores on plane makes it his With the game tied runners it's definitely. Not just pitched deep into the left there

  1. was so regency hundred's sixty zeros on it. A little bit right now not publicly so right now it's viral on my list to get furcal we have. Not have a vote for charity and stuff like that. Usually there's a lot of cousins. Fifth. You know it didn

  2. Those big emotional that you know. You guys. Or question for me personally think it's it's usually give guys like golf or furcal that. This will be tough to come leadoff hitter like the appropriate thing. And guys completely comfortable out school today

  3. Court full blown. Your furcal first game in Detroit. And straight over the well Bartolo for the person. That's an it has been our race all season. You know

  4. made to keep Barry Zito in the rotation I think you can stay there for awhile. It was tough for him his views in the bullpen furcal for weeks and now he's back in the starting rotation he'll finish in the rotation guy you're gonna see Sergio finished

  5. White Sox notes: Kinsler sees shades of Furcal in newest member of Sox


    Fri, 23 Aug 2013

    Texas Rangers second baseman Ian Kinsler says new White Sox infielder Leury Garcia has the skills to make him an everyday player reminiscent of All-Star shortstop Rafael Furcal .

  6. offenses related DiMarco yeah. I just again keeping our options open but those things go from here. We look at it after the furcal situation. Right. You innings we ask. He's been kind of stuck home. Simulated game burden. It's gonna go with a little

  7. once in living proof. That looks. Can be deceiving. When furcal for America a lot of people. Looking himself. I'm from north ..... easily how have you made it look so Indication I got more often. Furcal from fifteen going up and come out and you know it doesn't

  8. this team is only I've never been a part of a team like this so fortunately these part of it and then that first started when Furcal please interest free Internet actually got heard leaders and the starter what and that's accountable I'm impressed with

  9. First furcal plays I was going in the lane and got cut job lover that you do but look at basically it was elbow. How to spell us in this who

  10. The loss is one thing that's little disappointment of the fact that Thomas went and played very well it is rewarding thing furcal . Anything. Similar to the thought process with the goaltending. With the Bears this injury were seven deep very known not

  11. Bochy: 'This is where I wanted to be'


    Fri, 29 Mar 2013

    know what we we like our chances. Bode well with health and if we have the proper depth depth info things to go a little bit furcal injured her greatest. He didn't hurt us. Whether. June July and it you very. You practice where. In 2002 and sure I think

  12. NL Central preview: St. Louis Cardinals


    Thu, 28 Mar 2013

    While the Cardinals will be without Rafael Furcal and Chris Carpenter this year, don't expect Mike Matheny's squad to fade out of the playoff picture.

  13. in the pressure of the extra points on you there yeah I think. It of course when Williams but there were tough because they're going to lateral early excluded from furcal . Obviously you are you got your guys scored and is it a fun game

  14. what's the coach's decision. The same time I'm in. And their own locker. Played and as purpose very. We certain stuff furcal is. Kind of had to go back to him. Getting our offense the skins stuff so the very I mean there was a search for parking him

  15. The Lunch Box -- Draymond Green


    Thu, 3 Jan 2013

    Comcast sports I'm here with Hendry in my green of the Golden State Warriors. You happen to be the first interview. Of 2013 furcal the lunch box and how about you for big time. So luckily our bigs on the staff do league you know finally make me feel important

  16. know we. Here. We off on earlier now whether I have a lot of respect those players. Extremely talented. And being another furcal that's where. At guys now I am like OTs and from the club. Or things once again we got you know as you look there right

  17. ugly surprise some into the forty things were. Scary good Jim Harbaugh has been saying well now this game. Was scary bad that's for Avery Johnson. Now I I don't think so yeah I concern IRA I mean theory tells furcal gets he next time.

  18. Furcal but I'll be the Grand Slam what what to see it what we expected there that is. Well. You know China just wanted to make sure

  19. smooth them. Right in the here. Tell them what do and that's kind of what. Quakes. But we'll. him. And we need more of that especially if you I was local chefs understood the camaraderie furcal wonderful role. Comfort that the.

  20. a few more. For innings. I think here. You know everybody is important sure. Again what he did yesterday and and Mueller furcal couldn't future. So. You make their move it. Know these starters laughter. You deeper in the game which he could. Of