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10.31 World Series Game 4 Postgame -- Huff/Torres Part 2



  1. Julio Franco3:25
  2. World Series0:06, 4:07
  3. Barry Bonds2:05
  4. Giants fans4:35, 5:07
  5. Tim Lincecum1:24
  6. Juan Gonzales3:19
  7. Rafael Palmeiro3:20
  8. batting cage3:47
  9. spark plug5:28
  10. upper deck4:59
  11. award winner5:26
Mon, 1 Nov 2010|

"I grew up watching Nolan Ryan pitch... he's a childhood idol of mine"


Machine Generated Transcript

When you guys just metric don't you see him play when your it'll go up and put up that kind of performance the World Series will be. Ortiz he's fearless and mean in the -- today and indices. And that isn't the -- and note David -- on the and a realist and go to town. And he's. He's just object when your kid out there with funky delivery and and attacks the zone and with the young pitching what you know this team has buster played in this team has chance to some status for quite some time. -- Com pages he's almost everything you throw -- -- -- philosophies is as it's unbelievable. Plus the way he's throwing like everything. He he gets us on then he can move everything and honestly so good he is mentally defense. You -- truth is a great game. America with no fear -- and good luck charm thing. -- Yeah it's hasn't left my body since we've sort of plan. Since thirty news rumors isn't that something you quite used to for awhile so as when or how when -- -- not a big deal anymore. Tensions are ranked. I'm -- I'm just looking forward to tomorrow. In a hostile environment is anyone you'd rather have on the mound in the -- the major leagues -- Tim Lincecum -- -- on -- Police -- on the precious little to. Tomorrow he's the big game for us on the we've done little there and play our team is there enough. -- -- -- alone can deliver if we lose we're best so we have teams always played hearts. And then keep everything we got in there. Okay and over to the left. And frequently under is had to visit to steal awfully. Lee is pitching tomorrow is -- that to see a lot of. He's great -- we don't both be aggressive and I try to build toward this just try to get it is time. And see what happened. I asked -- the end Barry Bonds is happily. Just hit his hand inside the quality elements and -- -- -- and it was useless and at stake here. That's exactly what your -- -- the plate and -- coasted right through it through excuse for his baseline. Zero when when going -- I'll definitely do better. And at the with the ball travel. Tonight -- -- travelgate -- Mile that happens you're -- takes over and get some next -- fair you're jumpy flying open and everything hooks. Is it down nine and you have. It's. You know sometimes you pitch like then you'll man you pull it -- that serious and that nicely traveling. And had two good passer. In total but more about that growing up here -- and the Rangers and the goal of the games that I think. I mean it's obvious problems in new. Standard -- part in the new park. Reports Nolan Ryan session. You know he's childhood idol mind and wanted to pitchers as it turns out it's over aren't so. Started watching. Juan Gonzales. Rafael Palmeiro Monroe Aureus. Known in the days of Steve -- dollars this year Julio Franco our group -- watch those guys and and until my mom when there -- who wanted to be professional baseball player. And probably went eight years old. Nine years -- and and -- -- -- batting -- -- I don't -- you know I don't -- -- -- -- -- salary. And I'm single mother raising two kids tonight at batting cage officiated more to keep me into trouble more than anything. And I don't think she -- much over how much -- hard and I think every game and I wouldn't be here for whatever many minutes as. Last two average. Andres with all the years you spent the minor leagues did you ever think this time would come he would get a chance. Don't we played a World Series but the big difference. Do you honestly you know. I guess that being normally Korean to mindless. So I look trying to figure out how to hit and he says that the offense got -- years. You know he's been with the Giants do you -- been in this sense. He's been as if he's been amazing. Both you guys you had to ex presidents 50000 Rangers fans. Did you feel here that are you here bills Giants fans or channel line. You know this this place holds more fans and you can. Here Ronald Reagan and they're they're definitely you know indefinite hunger in and they want this and they are very weird allowed. You know assist I don't think I never every year across a lot of them are fans of San Fran and angry. Their relievers on -- we have Paul wants him out there in the upper deck you can hear throughout the game. Underground organization we have fans travel on the road like this we have so many Giants fans and com and the support this city showed this team. Kind of embrace this group of guys as far as office -- or by -- organ pitching -- but. We got a lot of old guys that came together really anchor yours or this guy. You know Juan. Not this guy on top of the order and doing he's -- hear Willie Mac award winner and and he's been our spark plug all year and when he goes Wheeling and you see why with some against this guys getting on. Days when Martina infusing. Well organized it to people with San Francisco can really relate to. -- -- Com when we play you just settles on the scene we'll definitely -- this basket. Stadium you know those penalties on -- I just tunnel comments though Allen just inexcusable and and don't think about anything ages get on an. That's.