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7.6: SFG/MIL Postgame- Madison Bumgarner



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Thu, 8 Jul 2010|

Buster Posey went off for two home runs, including a grand slam.


Machine Generated Transcript

Do Buster Posey and a buzzer that Winfield today. The Goodwin and to become -- -- basketball. We'll talk about your approach it was a concern. I think it's the giants'. Training room today about your view you've got into the -- the Steelers that a pitcher Randy Wolf did look like a father to. You know what it was it -- pretty stiff last night. I think Flynn threw it probably help of some of the inflammation now and felt felt pretty good today. It was a difficult last night it was your left knee so that would be the league -- gonna. Enjoy your weight -- was that a problem. Last night a little bit yes. Today you know woke up this morning and and it's not a lot better so I was happy with -- and really feel of the game. And so he's figured you're gonna hit it where you don't have to run this isn't available for the settlement Haluska. Though in the philosophy. No I just try to get some good pitches. But the -- you know. A lot of your home runs through to right field. Is that been your approach not just -- the big league level but that may be for for a long time maybe even in college. Yeah yeah. You know hi I'm Charlotte the ball get people to travel on his -- a little bit more time to see it and has generally been my powers you know -- senator. So it was pretty talking about the first in the first it was -- of the club than opry helped the club you coupled with a two -- big for a first. You guys talking about us look like your opponent we were -- a lot of fun on the -- of the big big -- -- -- But now on the person and Hoffman. You know hitting is contagious so. It. Let's talk about the pitcher tonight -- if you were first base so you go to different perspective room to puts the country he threw -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For a pitcher loses focus but he looked great I'm in Boston he's been up to test its -- starts and whose predominant. Well I think Wendy's it's it's rare that this Giants team. Things on the left for the -- stud built that way. But in a lot of ways buster. You know a game like this and everybody can relax a little bit in the news -- -- not always on the that your -- did you feel like that is a team. I think so I mean especially when you lead was Sammy on the mound. And you can you can relax a little bit. Like I -- the fourth and going around still pitching like he normally does it made even better rivaled by job that I enjoy this one. Quick turnaround for tomorrow thanks -- Buster Posey stuff we buy and really is nice performance -- -- a lot of people we just have -- the highlight. The one guy that really had the big night offensively. He goes four for forty zombies five good. It really was a nice job of it this I think this is best day at any level professionally I don't know if you had seen better days like this it last year or this year at Fresno but. The significant thing happened today. Edgar Renteria had great defense and here's a guy who really. Was quite himself more than he was that -- guy that you take this at best and that's the kids so what I think if he's gonna come back tomorrow. With a nice fresh optimistic attitude did you know he's commits itself to -- -- left so he was asked last night where Ryder. Do you have anything left to sit yes I do it -- that -- whatsoever that was very cool don't you ask him you have and you didn't. Don't think about it.

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  1. the week we had a chance to try to identify. The people that we believe we're going to be playing go forward and what runs. Wolf hit those people as as we do move forward. Again they're very well coached. That that continuity there and personnel wise

  2. some rest for some guys can get the chance Get recovered get ready for the second half of the season start with Pittsburgh. And wolf will love him some time off on the will be off on Thursday Friday and Saturday. in the next couple days next. A couple of days

  3. Saturday as the Lakers. And if I mean. There's great practice you know we really you know. Hope we can do sending them. And wolf does although a rookie he's been. Through overseas and in come back we'll see another occasion type to limit their view

  4. know stepping out of the normal role and everybody helps you out but that he's kind of that extra mile Johnson mentioned. Wolf what is left for you any final six games. What else do you want to accomplish their group. First they got it. They him it

  5. years that's good if you're looking at that team and have based to deal there in the beginning but. When you look at the wolf is there any hidden agenda you think with him making these comments is he trying to send a message. To anyone but making these

  6. new guys that have numbers that compared. You know what is your role with that he what do you remember about what you that I. Wolf when I was a guy in. That I it's my eyes grew wide open. I was Yeah it is batteries and give us the name to. You I've

  7. certainly you mean like you said it was that. Lots of Jerry built there was the big isn't a lot to us that we're you know again wolf . Continue to see them elect feels them and a new rule will put together plan and we'll show up on Sunday I mean again today

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  9. Yeah you were rested and running back and and TV movies down Offensively I think it's certainly quarterback until late. Wolf . Think. When he came here you gotta love and I mean. Feel that way yeah. There. There. They really. Let it it's the

  10. every hour and every game we go to the CA. Came from a 100% you know did you we got. Close Angel last year the three run home run in Cincinnati. Sanders he said happy flight wolf thank you for they have people like that I cannot thank you.

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  12. animated get out. Something that I until Tyson I clear that he homeland have you kinda. He doesn't go shall pass cut back wolf what they had done with this sounds implant did just taking the money Just things can tell me in a must here. But does so without

  13. It came through well wolf pushing back till Saturday we'll construe it tomorrow. To him a couple of days. There any particular reasons still feeling

  14. week you're not viable and I'll that was last in the world title here. I'll come off pockets pop wants to Juan worked wolf we'll go over Oakland but again it. We did we talked throughout his tires and we talked for the game we talked after the game

  15. he kind of ball. With Sort of figure when he came up here use as your short time and and backs him when he's played. But. wolf . Across Everett where we get to. You have to like some things he is doing. He's definitely as I said earlier it's. So

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  17. t have that many pitches for an amount of time he was out there and ended it. In quick fashion his curve balls early plan wolf form. So he was he was superb. a couple times the communication between Moss and the pitcher first bracelet on punt he would

  18. forward James unleash his playbook and see what we have so. Yeah yeah yeah. You know we always have football talk it's always wolf talking we never said anything is so we just know did a pitcher of all time. And I just also time to go with the almost almost

  19. which we needed to. Above the rough. Well I missed a chance to sweep the Rangers in Texas for the first time since 2009 Ross Wolf pitched five strong innings for the Rangers earning the win its first big league start appeared Parker threw seven innings for

  20. with that communication with our kids. I can't other than Mike has been in communication with the Jets senate bill. He. Wolf to cooperate as they must do and he has. And we have to see how that plays out so that's going to be while concerned people