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Tue, 22 Oct 2013|

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So they're part of fight against malaria. Was my best friend. Since. -- sophomore in college he started his own initiative. Called us through. -- get beyond retirement that he coasted to raise money to purchase this and and send them to death and in this instances where they're needed most. So who do you part of that with. -- is this tournament now. He's been a great job and -- -- open up doors from me. And that's when this comes and asks me to be champion their cause once I got in the NBA take it to new levels so. And that's progression. So everybody. That -- Sitting in dar salaam Tanzania. On day one -- nothing but this (%expletive) -- used to this is some refugee camps. And and Nelson as some may have been nets. Awesome -- we've raised all year. My. Three point shots. Reason three nets. Ten these three -- it's either me. Went to. Northwest Tanzania. Who plays guard camp -- who -- when they're 66000. Condoleezza refugees and. Or without that and it's just. Last. Six. It. 36 where. Oh really. So who knows that and that started this since you can't has distribution. Over five years ago and it's this this shouldn't. 34000. Us -- cover the entire camp. So that you know malaria can hopefully be eradicated in that particular area. And gradually. Goal in the moves to me. Malaria and the whole continent bathroom and he has been other comments were awesome. They're on their way ago. Okay yeah. -- -- -- to go to Tanzania and see firsthand you know. How much these has made these people in these areas where. Parents can't protect their child for them from getting sick. -- -- -- Rich Harden seen here. So. Were you able to bring these next to them and allow them some some kind of peace and comfort honestly we know they're protected. That's huge. I have kind of realize that more horse appears. Let him take you provide a huge house. Where -- can you help these prayers my kids. Definitely rewarding. It's your sets and. Isn't there helping keep on us. Just to hear all the stories that he came back land and to hear that he actually -- people outside. Lend a helping hand that physically handout that -- contain them percent of -- was really really. Beautiful. Bit better. Yeah.

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    very mindful of their budget. But. Boy picture have been bitten and number at times about signing this and especially Rich Harden . When this battle that is they've seen the history of close there's been hurt a million times and never had surgery

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  1. But got out there and they read what an excellent we have. Eight more days to go back there they want me. Got we have to go Harden . Rather outing beginning did you have fun and great ability great trip about back here can't wait to get back here examined

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    much these has made these people in these areas where. Parents can't protect their child for them from getting sick. Rich Harden seen here. So. Were you able to bring these next to them and allow them some some kind of peace and comfort honestly

  3. chance to win that you know act in a project but he came in and did your job and when the best set of circumstances form competed Harden . You know he's a good kitten. You know it was obviously got some talent so we'll see you know. Go to practice look at

  4. I'm gonna play well. And we don't want some football games and our guys are committed that they're working extremely Harden and now will be looking forward to getting back to work. You know after the while it I don't know if you look at you know

  5. the passing game. You really just have to play play the play you understand what the differences. But your hard not that you guys talk about it among themselves about wanting to be on Harden on. Now. Or about playing football election.

  6. game. You really just have to play place to play him and with the distances them. But you can't hard knocks and did you guys talk about it among themselves about wanting to be on Harden on. Now. What about playing football you like.

  7. look at force. Going out there and compete. One of the things that he didn't mean it really after the catch yards ridiculous. So Harden would. Tackle and you closed them consistently kids don't even kid's disease media right on me.

  8. together and and compete and See how things turn out but I feel good about the guys we got that room these guys worked extremely Harden and now we're ready to go. There's some of those things a but you. all you'll. People. How much. Communication programs

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  11. bad that it stopped Perry and James Harden started it but locker correctional. we did a nice little glimpse of James Harden hit in that. Talents take look. James ..... thankfully he's there you tell James Harden meetings. Stick your day job on the

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  13. regular season maybe needs a little he did in the playoffs you can't help But like I I Tony Parker Harrison can't either James Harden type player next you've got to look a bit and bring as an offense with him. An automatic expect these things go okay. I

  14. like okay I'm swinging again what was this game called. I mean in my mind I've come a lot especially on he dominant work Harden off the ball about it it And there's a lot repetition. And just. got got better and if they want to. It Jackson well it

  15. know he was saying. And counseling now there you understand here you can change and go through them in the field. Just for Harden . playing again that word everything and he does that fuel you look. Like. On. The head in ten. Really hope that we'll

  16. them. Pretty good first true is going off fuel we emphasize. Distort arguments are in our team is trying to do is just work Harden . You know just kept it about a level up that's you know really into it. You know Tug tennis and it just you know work hard

  17. talk about the emotions you're feeling right now obviously. Disappointment but also accomplishment that you've gotten This Harden to quickness through and game Oden. We fought to the finish I guess agree you know Spurs CNET news and its coming into this

  18. getting it. Going north and again once was the key. All of the good. Walter was got a very heavy fore check. They came address Harden and they Henderson at times but we knew we were calmly took away some some important nice from them. And played well again

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