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Francoeur: 'A lot of the guys played a great game tonight'



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Tue, 6 Aug 2013|

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Sorry Greg -- imagine -- did have the big hit tonight -- the go ahead and hit RBI single. Come and take that back -- your mentality approach in a pinch hit situations. It's funny when I first came over here you know I had some good at -- I got to -- start and then struggled at. Still I think there are some things -- -- mechanically and in my head there were way off and you know Brandon Jones been you know. Do you gym working on our -- face plant and Hamels to guys that I've used it a really good against them. And just as lost and so we do a lot of work and their show the other drivers cries out in Tampa on that put me back and kind of habits followed model tocchet got back to your short so it's happened. You know Phil's gonna listen to going -- first two pitches were sliders. And off the plate and that's you know that's what people do give me out and you know -- with -- one -- -- a little more effort good Soriano. -- Miller will kind of start to come off for the Brewers and you guys have been experience and I yourself that these men and you really were able to take advantage of that night to get back in the win column. Those years you know I thought Jack has a great game play the game obviously to me it was a hobby coming into the double play. It's tough to turn Rickie Weeks and then they did a great job that I kept us in the momentum kind of gave us back and didn't let him get that momentum and McDonald to use a lot of the guys play great game tonight. Oscars and I wanted to mention you mentioned Chad and Javier Connor -- you know get on base three times two stolen bases he's not seventeen for seventeen. On the season so what does that do to an opposing pitcher and how important that this team doesn't have a lot of home runs to use that ground attack them -- titled -- you got. To you know you're gonna come near his home runs all day and that's not what -- countries parks built for. Or get on base -- he could steal some bases. You know got some guys that can run on this team it's a lot of fun to watch him get on.

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