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YSTL: O'Connell: 'These escalating, inflating contracts have to stop'



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Fri, 18 Oct 2013|

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The Detroit Tigers down 32 in their series and how about this Prince Fielder. Getting booed by his own home crowd. Pushed Prince Fielder only has one RBI on this post season -- wanna read article check out Yahoo! Sports right now jackpots on has got a great -- -- right. The spring and shot a call back the conversation here alongside Damon Bruce. This is. And nature here of a big contracts and guys who get the big money Prince Fielder is one of them 23 million dollars this year by the way he's still under contract for seven more seasons. But this is this just prove -- you see the names here you know what their teams have done. That big contracts never turn out into championship seasons and he's not obviously you guys. I don't know how obvious and it's gonna continue to be in Major League Baseball won't you've got guys like Robinson to know asking for a thirty million dollar a year deal when you've got. Of the -- not still paying Bobby Bonino from what he didn't have -- -- -- them they are big contract I mean. At some point these escalating. Inflating crazy contracts just have to stop or the ticket prices are gonna be prohibitive to where fans don't wanna be out of ballparks I mean. The money has to come from somewhere. I hate seeing these massive numbers -- -- gives us a lot to talk about on the radio but eventually here you're gonna reach a point where this balloon pops and you know I don't know if it's thirty million dollars a year for these guys if it's forty million dollars a year for these guys but it needs to stop at some point. You know it's it's not them -- the money that I think baseball's worried about it's that time because every single one of these teams handing out these contracts is doing so. Because they absolutely can afford it and it's not the fans footing the bill this to all the new television money that's being thrown around that's how every single one of these deals is getting done. Not off the hot dog you bought but off the multi billion dollar multi -- TV deal. That team signed locally in and that's. How this money is available what's killing these teams. Is when you try to project what some athlete will be over a decade mental health is in guaranteed over a decade physical health is even less of the guarantee. With all of the sports and all of the action a bigger faster stronger confronting every single athlete. On the daily asking to get the same type of performance or project someone's performance over the better part of the decade. That's the real problem here that's the fool's gold. I like Prince Fielder I can pay him twenty million a year I just don't wanna do it for a decade I like Robinson Cano thirty million years sounds ridiculous. Only one chance for I had decade in all three there is ninety million. Happen it's three years current leader yeah it's it's if it's it's 300 million over a decade that's what is getting ridiculous and if he can't win a title with a big contract -- -- -- -- So what I've learned here is that Damon Bruce and Sean O'Connell both wanna take small contracts in their own jobs next time around records. Small -- small ears. I'm totally over 30000001 year right now you guys both as and so on both your contracts if I can do that are.

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