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7.29: Kruk and Kuip's Postgame Wrap



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Thu, 29 Jul 2010|

Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper sum up the shut out at the hands of Anibal Sanchez.


Machine Generated Transcript

Well here at a Thursday afternoon in the gentry tried to take this series from the Marlins and win their third straight it didn't happen. They read into a buzz saw that guy's name was Anibal Sanchez he was fantastic. He strikes out eighty walks one and he only allows one. Pretty -- lot of allowed -- balls hit off of Anibal -- that's -- governor he was here all four pitches working he had the command of all four pitches. He didn't make relocation mistakes if you look at the replay this game you'll see that. It was rare that Ronny Paulino the catcher for the borrowers would away for his chest protector with his club everything was cut right at the chest. -- very very exceptional pitching performance by sixes in the Giants. They're good at and so the split and other you have to get ready for the Dodgers go to -- a couple of streaks ended Buster Posey streak at 21 games -- In Madison Baumgartner had won four straight so his record now for entry.

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  3. and eight with a six plus ERA field to change their team's fortunes Tuesday in Houston will be opposed by believe Paulino . Paulino is ERA this season sits just north seven. Over Oakland it's always series with the Rangers continued Gonzales