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Ross Gload

  1. more frustrating than than the blowouts and it agreements with the game ends with a line drive right into the third baseman Gload was that frustrating one. For now. Incentives to world. And that's all that's all you can do good pattern. Who figure

  2. your question Let's start that they deserved the of the all star consideration. I'm gonna go floating return I think Ryan Gload also. Probably Garner on maybe some some votes but. I mean just look at what returns done scoring. But it's the way he

  3. way. Maybe an interest as of late you know it just kind of picking my spots and get pitchers like myself and some pretty. Gload troublesome situations. That it's my way out of and that's kind of in the lead it's gone there's metrostars so. I

  4. yeah it's well who's got good news bad news but I also know. A lot of people around his legs and great Q yeah. And nab Gload overkill yeah exactly I have got a great routinely. But someone has donated yeah I didn't. Lead we'll sort of get. I

  5. was a fish out of water I didn't felt like I belonged I didn't feel like I fit there at all. I mean you know the academic Gload and then and then. You know sports basketball is completely different level from high school just in the conditioning alone