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5.26: OAK/LAA postgame -- Brett Anderson


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Fri, 27 May 2011|

Anderson on his strong outing and the innings that gave him trouble.


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Particularly here. Coming experience. Russell Branyan guys there's no. Sort of operated. Means business to have some just olden days and 67. And and stuff to be better and it was another -- -- just mix and match who -- The -- of innings and Ellis and Jackson. Yeah you know. There really early in the league is trying to keep -- okay. A road team wins as they know what's gonna feel you can. Although this is the sudden. Yeah you know it's it's tough. But again. That's attendant partners and it's the reason. You're able to rest and get out there. Just -- Things there really. Just hurts so good on him to a series. The Orioles yankees and -- This was in the right back and.

  1. At the ballpark the sky was in and then right Marty was wearing her lucky cat. It pop complained nineteen. Some Marty and Branyan cap on making head. Are we continue here Yahoo! Sports talk live did you know one million visits schools are probably kids

  2. Knicks finish. Didn't We just need to keep fighting and still employees something we just need to. Thought comment on that Branyan belted in the three to three run homer happy face in the first inning they immediately relieves some pressure for you. And

  3. me. Great place. One time this season. He's so there. Houston Dynamo would. We wanted to shake things up by putting Branyan felt. In the third spot will you be doing that tomorrow evening color. Ethical people saying. First two times to blow

  4. there and see. You know how do. And they're still says he would fit and they dictates that you know I mean. Guys like Branyan prospering in go out there and play corner in this league and be able holds up. But his skill set boatmen's moved it more

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    I was crazy gradually since got me last year that year again Branyan he eight Walk off home run what we go into the batter's box. Apologist mind there's two ball I know a sinker ball and I

  6. young rotation overall what we have depth. You know black he's been good for us we still have Australia but I you know I don't team I prefer not to even talk about that at this point because we don't know what's going on Branyan .

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    different with a flip and com it's not that bad I'm kind of like I think on the kids because I can imagine them I mean Branyan inundate me. I've other things that have. And if you can't plant and they take on anything I think I got back into the

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    match it would Sproles every time Sproles how many game. Look for Sampson before national nickel personnel take a linebacker Branyan and safety or corner and imagine what Sproles feet. So I look at this game is a good matchup for both teams by the way 64

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    nobody ever really solid low right in is such as having is nearly here. the last life easiest like everybody in the community Branyan China's awesome I think is like this one of the best season has been happening right now so. team's morale is we know

  10. Go to academy side they'll we know on the radio but I think he's done a better record gentlemen what did you take from Branyan to all we can get and I talked about it I think it. I I think was real and present was his pitch count he's 27 pitches

  11. victim I was already a world champion and and pound the pound it. The difference in performance now is because a victim and Branyan although advocates and had. But I always tell this everybody and it's oldest to victim from the very beginning. People

  12. eight games August 15 kind of don't September 1 six games still doable September 15 games through. You need to get hot teams Branyan and go for slide it where in between basically the first in those days and few days in between those two numbers and Olympic

  13. brings a different. No different energy to Dolphins. And as far as we're doing now and don't even know a lot of guys on Branyan in. Having fun as he attended Damien hopefully with the yeah. BC coach cable maybe with a little bit less to do maybe he

  14. he experience bomb. And and and he's a hard worker you know got walks begin got to learn from it and and and it because Branyan homered to give wrong here. Yesterday got after it takes a ground balls with salmon. Boy he was out there you know taken

  15. don't be fooled this is not the same team that the Sharks thought twice. In the pre season one of the factors behind that Branyan Coyotes coach. A deep Tippett he'll be behind the bench tonight yeah I think we talked about this morning at skate with

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    can't have all of the has. First question. The mold of America stands on what formerly important. Twin Cities athletic Branyan . However. They all met. Build a baseball stadium in football and metropolitan stadium Greg. One for once it's not that

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    body try to get a little over aggressive football just with the ball through which he doesn't normally do. And got in on Branyan really broke his bat looped it and there funny thing was I was occurred and we both of the same time of six You know and then