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Baggarly sets stage for NLDS Game 1



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Fri, 5 Oct 2012|

Andrew Baggarly provides some last-minute stats to prepare you for Game 1 on Saturday.


Machine Generated Transcript

To get the latest on the Giants -- let's go back down to AT&T park to talk with -- Giants insider Andrew -- really. Andrew Matt Cain goes in game one what do guys and reds lineup do you proceed given him the most trouble. Well the toughest out for -- came over his career -- reds' lineup is left him here with Howard Jay Bruce. He's six for thirteen against Cain has walked four times -- only struck him out once so. Really hasn't been able to find too many pitches to get past his bats of Bruce is going to be a challenge. And Ryan Ludwick from the right side as a guy who's got three career home runs. In 22 at bats of those two guys are gonna be tough joy of -- always a good hitter he hasn't homered since June 24 but get this in. When he won game since returning from knee surgery he's a 505 on base percentage so -- said. You have guys are over aggressive he's gonna try to take advantage of that but if they're patient he's just gonna have to throw more quality strikes. Bruce Bowens is not yet announced his rotation beyond games one and two but today it came intent. That he could pitch again on short rest how would that work. I yak came would probably only pitched on four on short rest in game four if the Giants are facing elimination if they're down 21 in the series at that point. As you mentioned -- she hasn't mentioned how he's going to line up those starting pitchers beyond game to. But you must keep all three of those guys and played for relief in case he needs them but if if the Giants are facing elimination -- that next he's going to be on the hill to try to defend that season. Gotta love playoff baseball looking forward to reading your story on CSN Bay Area dot com thank you Andrew.

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