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Ryan Raburn

7.3: SFG/DET postgame -- Bruce Bochy



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Sun, 3 Jul 2011|

Bochy discusses Ryan Raburn's game-saving catch and that he is very excited for the Giants players who made the All-Star team.


Machine Generated Transcript

Harden. Immigrant. Or should be -- The defense do you always. Mind or anything you. Very. -- -- -- -- -- -- Give them credit they played there and had. Pretty good idea right right. Wendy's pitch didn't she's -- -- throughout the year and -- -- surprised me at all anymore as far as culture. Wordperfect. He did. Great start. You quakers. Missed game. Hopefully there you go along with him myself. Inning. Errors. Over. It -- hitters -- there. Or usually you. Right now there. You better than it needs some work situation could last well. Mean game. But I thought we get that time there. It always comes back. You -- him -- again. It won't run for him certainly isn't it. Those things. Couple relievers. -- is it more. I used you viewed -- -- It was -- out there and I was last year we get close. And Walter. -- a ground ball. We've -- to play. Those things that you. You they're miserable. Season trip. -- -- go from Chicago. This is. -- -- -- -- Considering the start that we. Yours. Hands. One. -- changed the game away. You know it's tough trip coordinator. -- For pitchers out there must be sent -- Or did it's something they've earned dollars. From -- in bars that are very good break. But just last year where this year. Really need to tell them maybe it is virtually broke his first one. Concern all he's been through it as a special moment for me to be an uphill. Three years. Yeah well. This is. -- And -- ballroom world -- -- -- Patriots. Remember there. Could do it you Houston gamesmanship thing. So that's what it runs report. To me --

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    Raburn's double dooms A's in 3-0 loss to Tigers.