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5.8: COL/SFG postgame -- Ryan Vogelsong


  1. rollercoaster ride0:39
Sun, 29 Sep 2013|

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-- -- -- I mean. Yeah he sends them enemies great teammate for all you can say that enough. Just the way he goes about his business the way just -- and up and downs. Then here just the just the ups and downs he's out and I've been here for the last three years -- he's the same guy every day you never know when -- it's good or when it is that in. And that's one of the great things about -- -- you know they talk all the time about staying away from those rollercoaster ride this game emotionally as far as the up and down up and down. Stadium and healed and he's he's he does have and others. And I mean today it was amazing. -- you can script as much stuff you want but it went pretty much perfect today you know he gets a career. And strikes out the guys. You know it's just that that's that storybook. It was great for him and it was great for the fans the -- and hopefully that. In events via its sponsors. And it is so. It's going to be messed him humans.

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  1. I mean. Yeah he sends them enemies great teammate for all you can say that enough. Just the way he goes about his business the way just and up and downs. Then here just the just the ups and downs he's out and I've been here for the last three years he's the same guy every day you never know when

  2. It's better than going into the offseason throwing games. And it's. To play better than the alternative. It. Yeah pretty good I mean I've been working you know on the work really hard on your own stuff and told you guys or just. Had a hard time. Getting comfortable with the delivery and I've been


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  5. How much totally. West didn't tell me who Smith look I don't even see him but I see the logo I don't know I've always the whole lot of noise do we have one more fair to win the John Hannah and us again tomorrow volunteers. What to expect from voting tomorrow because he's not pitched well his last

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  12. Those are some of those six team in the sixth infantry wanted to free agent after this. That's a CT sixteen and six I didn't even know until we just started talking about it scouts of the and a free agent on the Another option ahead. They'll likely out of his last start he was pitching beautifully

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  14. period dot com. Good morning CSN Bay Area dot com viewer on the street here with morning minute for Friday September 6 and we start over at old dot com over the a's for take on the Houston Astros think Louisville. Houston scored twice in the top of the second. Never looked back as they a solid

  15. Notes yes. So there was some Mayo made some bad decisions on some places and selections. And then on legend. There's no excuse won't affect. They hadn't didn't seem like it was that quick so it was a much against an opponent and just. You know I just. Like I said since you made some right calls and

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  17. Let's talk. Barber Giants are off for a seven game homestand commissioner mark rematch or Saturday in the desert you know Trevor the open a sinker he'd be drivable song. When they dueled on Saturday albeit a good game he went six gave a three run shot it was a quality start botched. They they were

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