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Melvin: 'I couldn't be prouder'



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Sun, 29 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Please be joined by the manager of the athletics Bob Melvin whose stick by downstairs about congratulations again had a terrific season. Different end of the season this year than last year but how proud are you. Of this team and and how much do you like this team going into post season. For couldn't be prouder of you know it it's been a real consistent effort the whole season you know we've had winning month every month of the season. You know whether it's the offense offense successes that defense in the pitching picks up everything and it's just been a great year to this point. Different in the fact that we we clinched early this year wasn't a surprise. And we feel like we have some unfinished business. If we were talking up there about maybe a turning point we look at the Tigers series at Detroit though what did you see as far as this team. Was it from the beginning was there for a certain time during the season. Where you saw that maybe this club had a chance to do what you did yeah I think you know it is you go along you start to get a better feel for your. Team we felt good coming out of spring training we had a great first month. We followed up with another its second month that you got the feeling that this kind of team that we had problems and it's great acquisitions. You know little nuance type acquisitions -- From like the second third month on and then I think that the -- series offensively for -- was a real springboard towards you can hear the Oakland. You know -- killed him that I that are -- like we're in Oakland right now I think a lot of people here still you know after the games or -- but anyway. That that Detroit series I think was really springboard for us offensively we've carried over. -- -- sit you do you're going to be good team that's returning I think everybody knew -- you critique the did you have any concerns. That were put to rest as the season went on. Well no I mean we felt good about it in the maybe getting any last year really gave us that that kind of conviction and that that that mindset going into spring training that that's who we were going to be -- them. We had a great first month. You know that just accentuated so I don't think. You know we built any differently. You know after a week or two or three this season that we -- coming out of spring training. So many personal go statistics for the players and even to the pitch in the offense but if you look at Coco Crisp what he means your club. And also your reaction yesterday when Brandon Moss hit his thirtieth home run here at Safeco Field. Yeah I mean you know -- was just taken it to another level he just gets it seems like he gets better every year and understanding of his swing. He can do it all now you've seen him hit big home runs for us. Forty plus home runs phenomenal. And you forgot like Randy Moss that's that's been a minor league for quite awhile to really kind of find his niche here. And feel like he belongs and hit thirty home runs and you know just over 400 at bats. Pretty phenomenal so it is a group effort here where there's certain guys that they're really took it to another level this year and those are probably two. That bothers you get ready for the Tigers on Friday that's four days away what -- do these next four days and is is there anything you can do specifically to to to do your best to make sure this team is ready and and tried not to let that -- -- effective too much right you know we'll we'll do some situational stuff we'll have some pitchers throwing to hitters probably on Tuesday Wednesday just a regular work out on Thursday. So you know it's not too big gap that you wanna make sure guys get some. Consistent that you wanted to make sure the pitchers keep the -- by throwing to hitters so I won't be a full skills. Inner squad type thing but more situational stuff and and like it's it's going to. We'll take Monday or three days and and Friday were all look forward that as they -- have all those pictures of players at what point did you decide who's going to be on the 25 man roster. As of next front right I have a meeting tomorrow with our front office and and rule you know rule will probably decide then there's some tough decisions. You know we keep -- keep between twentieth or 29 and feel like. Those guys are really part of this team. And that's going to be difficult part of making some of those. Decisions to cut it down to 45 but you know you'd rather have a problem. About -- obviously a baseball fan as well did you check the scoreboard at all today just to kind of out of curiosity find out what was going on that wild card race defective we are gonna have a game tomorrow I did and I usually don't I'm I'm not -- doesn't watch the scoreboard much but it was too much fun to watch today you know we -- to grind through it. And you know the baseball's early -- is exciting -- coming down the stretch and -- you have games like that idea to you know make or break game so. Should be excited watches games on Monday Tuesday and it definitely scoreboard -- today. Get just a -- think we saw you. When the manager the of the year last year I think we all believe you should win it again -- you've got a tremendous job thanks for your time all season especially this afternoon I think you guys appreciate it.

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