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9.24: Eric Patterson Postgame



  1. Jay Cutler1:08
  2. Carlos Pena0:48
  3. Major League1:14
  4. Dallas Braden0:38
  5. Daric Barton1:01
  6. Eric Patterson1:04
  7. Mother's Day0:40
  8. Comcast0:16, 1:33
  9. Oakland0:20
  10. Brazil0:04
Sat, 23 Apr 2011|

A’s Fan Appreciation Tailgate 2011


Machine Generated Transcript

Hey they're a go to Brazil welcomed the sports -- -- shall we begin today's show by heading straight to. A's fan appreciation day at the coliseum where are sportscasters are standing by. You then it'll pop Comcast sports net girl he's going on holiday is Oakland on the most -- beat those who on. I'm an up and quiet and that is written an -- effective and art would benefit the -- that -- The government doesn't. -- today may ninth 2010 Dallas Braden and it's taking on the rays on Mother's Day it's months the first days. Brett has allowed no. It's -- era through Austin and innings top -- Carlos Pena pops and it down their baseline. In its tracks it down on down the yanks who's next grads are -- hey Doug. Top of the ninth grade basically I thought he hits it to Daric Barton. First up next batter line drive Eric Patterson in the let you know he's one out away. Next batter Jay Cutler crowds to put anything. Does that to the final he did it does Britton does that nineteenth perfect game Major League history channels and have a an emotional movement as he celebrates. -- teammates and I just got on this historic day. And good. In. Asked of Rory. Was -- gonna -- I but yet I'm not that I think he gets humid in Comcast sports -- That little hole there I meant.

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  1. seven Our support victory no go. Battle for the that Patrick Patterson David Lee and Lee gets the worst in the big time another look ..... chipped it truthful But he would be fine and return to the game Patterson . The other little as well to open them. Back to carry and

  2. Getting minutes. And then. You know reading it but we'll make it shows guys I don't put a big demand on their bodies being Patterson back to back we have enough. live bodies. weekend. Put together. Two good games defend excuse. Played where we're capable

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  7. speaking of that with getting a few times this year it seems like at least a couple or three. There's in the can do about Patterson he can do changed matters to us. Here we made few mistakes tonight you tell you the ball up and quite you weren't wanted

  8. because this is the time that you develop. Your football. So we need these guys out here. And we immediately had to get back Patterson 's Or it it's. Just. Instantly that are ratings winning. Dole's guys are or compete and they're gonna continue to

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  10. can't straighten focused we get the middle discipline toughness to get done we'll get it done. Yeah he was injured I think you really got injured they wanna practice but. I anticipate. You know hopefully he'll be back Patterson .

  11. go to myself and for Madison bond kind of try to keep it rolling after a strong start Wednesday against the San Diego but. Patterson 's got great numbers against LA Dodgers in a game six and two with a 2.5 his last start April 2. Through eight innings

  12. commissioner to stay on top of it and you know just really just take Cameron by the end. You know just work on little things at the Patterson is more flexibility. And just let everything come to mean you know being on the field and we'll speak for a supplement

  13. You're Jason still has got to mean has. And it kind of cool to be here and organized gambling and that Corey Patterson back. It's you know it's great opportunity am blessed that happens. And just enjoying every game I can't. Beyond what

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  16. plane get home get some rest as well performed well. You see him. That he was she was really energized but it was physical Patterson goes over the puck. Was a catalyst I didn't think in the first proved fortunate as much as we needed to do enough to open

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  18. today early today so that he our basketball team and gave us what he could on the floor. I just go down the line Patrick Patterson challenging him to be a better rebounder and though he did a good job rebound that's what critical moment and rebound the

  19. We got penetration and guys in there and now they have to. Find him in the courtroom one threes well. Talk about Patrick Patterson 's efforts knights are couples slow but it seemed to getting little rhythm in the second half and really contributed. And

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