Travis Ishikawa

7.18: NYM/SFG Postgame- Travis Ishikawa

Sun, 7 Jul 2013|

The Orioles were desperate to keep Travis Ishikawa away from the New York Yankees. They couldn't, and he was claimed on waivers by New York.

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  1. 7.11: SFG/WAS Postgame- Travis Ishikawa

    All right thanks guys and that we do have Travis Ishikawa in. Travis the first thing as she is for that extended period of time you did not see much action. Bang you start to get some

  2. Amy G's Giants Xclusive: Travis Ishikawa

    Always prepared, Travis Ishikawa tells Amy G what he does to stay ready to contribute, whether he's starting or not.

  3. 7.18: NYM/SFG Postgame- Travis Ishikawa , RAW

    NEW YORK 4, GIANTS 3 FINAL/10 Pinch hitter Travis Ishikawa describes the controversial call at the plate which denied the Giants a four-game sweep.

  4. 8.3: SFG/COL Postgame- Travis Ishikawa

    Travis Ishikawa breaks down his performance in the Giants' offensive outburst against the Rockies.

  1. Orioles lose Ishikawa on waivers to Yankees


    Sun, 7 Jul 2013

    The Orioles were desperate to keep Travis Ishikawa away from the New York Yankees. They couldn't, and he was claimed on waivers by New York.

  2. Ishikawa designated for assignment by Orioles


    Sat, 29 Jun 2013

    Travis Ishikawa was designated for assignment by the Orioles. Jair Jurrjens was recalled form Norfolk.

  3. Ishikawa gives Orioles lots of options


    Sat, 22 Jun 2013

    Travis Ishikawa may not be with the Orioles for much longer. But, maybe he will be.

  4. Davis will be DH, Ishikawa to play first


    Wed, 19 Jun 2013

    For the first time this season, Chris Davis gets to be the designated hitter and Travis Ishikawa plays first base.

  5. Orioles likely to add Ishikawa for Tuesday


    Tue, 18 Jun 2013

    The Orioles are expected to add Travis Ishikawa to their roster for Tuesday's game.

  6. Orioles officially add Ishikawa to roster


    Tue, 18 Jun 2013

    The Orioles purchased the contract of Travis Ishikawa from Norfolk on Tuesday, and he's in the lineup as the designated hitter.

  7. Defensively, Ishikawa tries to succeed at first


    Fri, 8 Mar 2013

    Travis Ishikawa has a reputation as a good fielding first baseman. He hopes that will be enough to let the Orioles notice him.

  8. 8.9: Chronicle Live -- Brian Sabean


    Wed, 10 Aug 2011

    help us. And though I think having him up here. To kind of challenge shuffle more so caddie help in a different way like Ishikawa did might be positive. else to play the outfield but still. As what constituted currently he's gonna get his at bats down

  9. man first so much this season without you know in this series much time He had last year with the the benefit of the Travis Ishikawa coming in that. The spell so Brandon get a chance to spell him here and there and you know I can't say as whether

  10. They're citing. And team so we still a ways to go in. You know that my fired tomorrow officer and our way it's basically beating you gotta forget Europe 201 in But you can utilize those energies into the market just play like its first game of the series and we're down just got to keep playing the

  11. we will that decision you came your first place Schuerholz right or. Playing Decided on this last. Mine I don't know. Ishikawa that he would be at first but he now or. Nate being out there slept on it and clearly that was literally talked to him and

  12. "It's great, especially in front of these fans. Keeping the momentum going into tomorrow..."

  13. 10.12: Larry Baer on Chronicle Live


    Tue, 12 Oct 2010

    know the game was over is bases loaded he was over. On this play. Last night. Juan's throw sailed a little and Travis Ishikawa . Was a guy was was able that it flag it down and stay on the base but we were there was a delayed reaction shall

  14. It was a chance which didn't I didn't Lost. It was just didn't see him. And things like First. About the way much so. He's never seen before I don't see him. So I didn't feel real comfortable first pitch. After after the second round mr. Penn getting an idea where Armstrong was. Felt pretty good

  15. Bill would speed up that isn't great. And passed balls and made a nice yeah. Yeah so well until in my cars. Anyway shape or form of public. Okay good man and got a double look and experience that particular program behind. Him there. Oh absolutely you know I didn't. He pitched lights out today

  16. 9.8: SFG/ARI Postgame- Kruk and Kuip


    Thu, 9 Sep 2010

    you hope that the to a they could do so this will be an articulate for San Diego just did have some opportunities. Travis Ishikawa the incident in the seventh with a couple of runners on the heels at an opportunity in the third inning. Inability

  17. White guys be indeed have Travis Ishikawa . Travis a lot of weirdness in that left the bat ..... win at there yet good happens though but right now Travis Ishikawa bruised foot used to play and do. Do not tell me that

  18. 3.11: Brian Sabean on Chronicle Live


    Fri, 12 Mar 2010

    weekend. Here it is certainly early still no one in these situations as a developing is over their past first base with Travis Ishikawa out now. Kind of question is who would back half on a regular basis you seem Buster Posey Kevin Frandsen with the

  19. it there's interest.

  20. 9.13: Travis Ishikawa Postgame


    Sun, 13 Sep 2009

    Ishikawa talks after his big day and the Giants win.