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5.27: Sandy Alderson on '89 World Series

Wed, 28 Aug 2013|

Does Matt Harvey need Tommy John surgery? Not necessarily, the Mets ace was told by Roy Halladay, according to GM Sandy Alderson.

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  1. 5.27: Alderson used a payphone to get Rickey back in '89

    Former A's GM Sandy Alderson made the trade for Rickey Henderson from a Mill Valley, CA payphone in 1989.

  2. 5.27: Alderson on blockbusters at the trade deadline

    Former A's GM Sandy Alderson says the 80's A's were at the forefront in making blockbuster trades at the deadline.

  3. Baggarly: 'Very few managers could have gotten the results Bochy did'

    forgotten it you know these final two years in San Diego. In 2005. 2006. He won the National League best of those years Sandy Alderson took over and they biggest had a conflict there sandy did not want him. To be the manager to replace the the kind

  4. 4.21: Chronicle Live -- Jerry Manuel

    thirteen dead last in the in the National League east Sandy Alderson has taken over their GM they got to get back to anywhere ..... s gonna make that call the little obviously the Sandy Alderson is gonna make that call when he said that I'm the

  1. Doctor's orders: Halladay advises hurt Harvey


    Wed, 28 Aug 2013

    Does Matt Harvey need Tommy John surgery? Not necessarily, the Mets ace was told by Roy Halladay, according to GM Sandy Alderson .

  2. MLB Notes: Alderson eyeing moves for Mets


    Sat, 15 Jun 2013

    Mets GM Sandy Alderson says he expects to be able to bring some more talent to New York via trade or free agency by the end of the season.

  3. is with the move forward. And you get a chance to meet listen to them because you know that you're in the locker and they Alderson and size to me. And educate me what's gone on here. And and was instantly if he does well. I'm around him use him in

  4. tilted in our favor it's crazy and but. You know that obviously the Bay Area is the Internet savvy place and you saw Sandy Alderson sweet. How city of eight million out voted by city and it. It's a good one that's a good tweak it a few people

  5. was one person but there are many many many others. And there are people involved in Major League Baseball having Sandy Alderson was a contributor. Jeff the owner of the Padres as a contributor Jeff Kent was a really really. Important contributor

  6. 5.18: Raiders workout -- Louis Murphy


    Wed, 18 May 2011

    end of the season offensively. You office via you know that and you know tremendous season and in in the season. You know Alderson was just no stone in our chemistry going so nose is just picking up and when we left off. Working out here obviously as receivers

  7. Steelers are sponsoring a start foundations tonight it's wine tasting and an opportunity respect and a stand and seasons ago Alderson a mountain needs some of the players during some great linemen that he's not lost some horses like to hands. And we can

  8. quicker sharper. Even looked fresher. Mean because that put through the frustration behind. Well and they're loose and Alderson makes played long been getting and then there's other nights where we shoot ourselves in the foot and again I go to the details

  9. 12.8: Billy Beane on Chronicle Live


    Tue, 8 Dec 2009

    certainly are of interest to us. even in this game a long time in your current role since 1997 to go back earlier with Sandy Alderson human go to these winter meetings for. Forever I'm intrigued how they have changed with with technology. And you

  10. first and had your agent as studio that day the Giants traded for a July 20 ninth gave up the young prospect you spoke of Tim Alderson . And he's she told me that you had a sprained it NC a medial collateral ligament. And the name but the later you actually

  11. 7.30: Sabean on Alderson


    Thu, 30 Jul 2009

    Was was Tim Alderson always that ship there's some other kind of package you might have been able to present to them to get Freddy Sanchez. You know

  12. 7.30: SportsFlash- Freddy the Giant


    Thu, 30 Jul 2009

    giant the long rumored pick up Wednesday after the Giants swept the Pirates and the team and ship off double play pitcher Tim Alderson the Pittsburgh. But the star infielder who brings it 300 lifetime average to China basin. Now for all the latest Bay Area

  13. CSN Look Ahead- Thursday July 30th


    Thu, 30 Jul 2009

    long rumored pick up happened Wednesday after the Giants swept the Pirates now that you mention above. Double pitcher Tim Alderson to Pittsburgh for the star infielder who brings a 300 lifetime average to China basin. Giants kicked off its four game set

  14. Giants GM Brian Sabean introduced his new second baseman on Wednesday after the Giants dealt top prospect Tim Alderson to the Pirates for Freddy Sanchez.

  15. his hitting streak to 43 games. While Buster Posey went overboard to drop his average to 200 in double Bigtime prospect Tim Alderson when got no decision he hasn't lost a start in over a month and half. As for the Brett Anderson on the NL as they take on

  16. 5.29: Tony LaRussa on rings


    Fri, 29 May 2009

    You do where not only did the the 89 age you also where your most recent championship for the St. Louis Cardinals Sandy Alderson was here earlier today. He wear his were you you where all even your wedding band got them all there but surely amendment

  17. Bill Neukom Part 1


    Tue, 7 Apr 2009

    the plate they got this great infield would. Be alone and noon in the they've got two of our best pitching prospects in Alderson and San Jose is loaded that's. Maybe the best minor league ticket in baseball this spring we gotta get the San Jose Giants

  18. Conversation with Beane: 1


    Wed, 19 Nov 2008

    going. And I've also been under some great leaders Sandy Alderson in general manager and great ownership for the Haas ..... I can't imagine work for anybody else you mention Sandy Alderson and what impact that he and I He might have been one