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6.3: Giants reaction to GM Brian Sabean's comments on Scott Cousins



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Fri, 29 Mar 2013|

Buster Posey's 8-year contract extension is the talk of the town in San Francisco. Rich Aurilia, Bruce Feldman and Ray Ratto give their intake on the deal.


Machine Generated Transcript

Does sports net central's Brussels we go to the Giants top 2013. Salaries. So you know what this new contract. Buster Posey is not the top five. Of salaries for just this one year 2013 of course it does get that you're 159 million dollars spent and that's the big news today. How aware works to a player how aware are. All the players of that fear of making twenty Lincecum 22 this year Foster just get this new contract is that. Do them for that cause any type of clubhouse ball. No I don't think so I think there's probably more guys are I believe we know they're going to be free agents after this season were like hey thank you. Texas the giants' first sign and a Buster Posey and Tigers resigned Justin Verlander what they got so I think and it affects more the rest of the week and the other teams and those guys. Those salaries surprised at all -- you know them but do you think there in line. Well -- defined in line and yeah so much I mean baseball. Has ratcheted its earnings up so highly and so quickly. That I mean look Justin Verlander signed a new deal today it's good 825 million here. I mean that this next to that that. This is. Well in line with the market right it's not that far off of what Joe Mauer got the twins. It's a little bit better than the idea Molina deal I mean this is all well. Within the new framework of the new baseball and the new baseball is all about. Burning money as fast as you can because it's gonna come in faster than you could spend. Right. If you look at all the sellers for Major League Baseball by the way we were comparing the Giants ones these are the most improved lucrative MLB. Contracts and you see Posey is up there but that Rodriguez who all's well. You know follow -- -- all these names. -- you have mentioned our. And Verlander who just signed that deal 180 million wondered that. We Campbell with Kate Upton supermodel because that is a lot of money if you have a 180 million dollars and Kate Upton last in the past. What about these cutbacks and it's it's a bit I mean baseball remember when you're playing and it's not like it was that long ago but when you look at these numbers -- a lot which had played a little later. -- and you and you see this I had this talk today at the luncheon and that was that with the Giants and you know you talk to guys have played began their like of man you played -- you're just a couple of years later and I was like yeah but the guys before me said the same thing. You look at these contracts and the one thing I see is somebody younger players that are locked up like Joey caught on Buster Posey. You know pictures I don't -- like to put them in the same category because there I think they're more injury prone -- LA for a winner Felix Hernandez who signed those long term deals. There's more of a crapshoot again down the road with those guys in areas of the position player now. Right on Santana just exploded his elbow yet again right would still like I think and other. 130 million dollars left on -- so you know there's a much greater risk with pitchers that we've always known. But as we saw last year there's Pirates for catchers too. Mean you get a guy feel you know watch the steam Beaulieu and your -- not the right place I mean. You know Buster Posey missed a year because of that -- this a year of earning power as it turns out he didn't. I mean that turns out to be like a blip on his career it's not that catastrophe. People thought it was gonna be when it happened he got paid and then some. Despite the fact that he played two months of the elevenths. Yeah but the thing about this when he did get steamrolled and got run over by Scott cousins. That's the one near the Giants didn't win a World Series so maybe a blip in his career it wasn't a blow for the Giants because I'm not saying they won a World Series but if he's healthy. Maybe it's a big difference I was just talking about him right yet be his contract was not affected by that anyway because they were gonna do this deal -- right. But -- -- saying it's sort of speaks to how valuable this guy is already well on the money tells you how valuable he is they they shoveled it Adam so fast you can't grab the last. And -- this team in my opinion to return in 2010. Colony called Buster Posey up because he was ready to come up and play when they made a commitment they traded Bengie Molina put him behind the plate. He made a huge difference in 2010 down the stretch and you saw the difference he made when he was out with the injury and when he came back last season so what he is a big cog to this. This team this puzzle here at the Giants but you can't lose to the side of how they're locking up their homegrown players John bars and a great job with scouting and signing these guys -- -- they're trying to do dollar the Cleveland Indians years ago when they sign -- and players. As this contract goes on and on to record that rest him a little bit to not I know you mentioned you enrichment to -- -- to first to third but you also could given the day off here and then and and sort of let that. The sort of healing process and and last longer. When your plane. How much -- making does not impact how much rest should the money is great today. But in fact what makes quote what makes the money important is the fact that Posey was out there just about every day. And finding rest for him is going to function baseball it's not gonna be a function of his contract if it is that means the Giants -- suddenly lost. Lost sight of what they are here for. That you play Buster Posey every change you get without jeopardizing his long term health that's all you do I mean they. You find a way for for him to get his rest that he stay sharp but that's not cheap to make an awful lot of money let's try to out there it's. We need the bat we can do this without him getting tired to do so money should not affect. No money collected money matters yeah. We say that and and and I hope you're right but sometimes money does change things -- it changes things but in terms of the playing a baseball. It doesn't.

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