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Parker on Tigers 'You always expect that offense to be good'



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Sun, 6 Oct 2013|

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-- what's your outlook coming into the start how are you feeling physically and especially after -- -- to your last three starts were. A little sub par with what you take -- good. That's. So did I think his size and his timing gets an extra days at this point of the year it's. -- positive thing for your body is so. Guizhou election times you know iron -- a few things and it's an actual mound work and I think you know for me it was a definitely a positive. We know Texas you know the sound and then obviously is a couple of irons things out for the period. Yet I was the in this series feels like a continuation of last year's serves. Extending it. You know you have some interest in him last year what what do you take away from those games that. You bring to this year. Just the experience -- -- and I think. You know. Make into post season starts last year's definitely a benefit -- this year it's gonna build it kind of settle in and slow things down right away and it's not going to be so far my guess is -- Being there and it. You know last year so it's one of those things -- you pull those from those things you know people from the last two games that atmosphere itself. It's a good learning experience watching guys before -- throws well to pick things. That that would what did you learn from especially from watching what he did last. A lot in I mean it's something that will sit down and you know pick parts of both those guys in the way they. It -- and you know the way they pitched confident in my game plan you know kinda. Individual has a little bit and to my strengths. -- obviously you're aware of what Detroit's starting pitchers can do with it -- the first couple games when you go out there. Situationally that is there more pressure put up a bunch of zeroes or you sort of have to block that out. Are really I mean that's the goal every time around than matter you know that today's prior what's happening and I think for me. You know go out and try to force the issue or do something that no I'm not used to -- on -- you know not. Not trying to do you know my game and do that kind of stuff it's it's not you know who I am some -- you know press and force them you know not beaten him. What would you say was going. This -- starts there down the stretch and -- more so. Yeah I think in -- Couple you know that big innings and in those things that. Pitches just weren't executed on offense up in his own Hamels stuff was just not good then. You know makes and a couple -- locks and all those kind of things it just doesn't add up and those kind of starts to happen and you know coming off of -- a decent streak that in. You know you're not expected -- in this kind of pitcher in the mouth right away seat take that you move our. I know you're your hometown -- Close here it's not too far away did you come here's a kid watching games -- memories of that. Yeah post season with the Cardinals was here Scott Rolen. Came here a couple of times and once the old stadium was initiatives are definitely have come you know appears service books -- -- -- Detroit -- -- -- -- got in the middle that is one of those things I've been here a couple of times from a good question probably ten maybe and I grew up. White Sox fans that we try to get good to see them play regular season you know whoever they're playing. No idea. -- your detective scored a run the last six innings just -- -- happens it. It's what you expect them out considering the last few games. -- I think you always expect an offense to the you know there's a reason that and -- have been good all year and you know. You know going into the game expect them not to you know be who they are actually just trying to. -- this year -- stay within yourself and you know -- game and you know they're gonna handle their stuff and just baseball. -- how would you describe it said he was able to do. Last night. It's unbelievable you know I am still. I woke up this morning and just you know Charlotte Texas take on the field and he said I want planets and all you stand at all that you do whatever you want today. Just -- things or you know like. I couldn't it's you know Kapler and how great it was yesterday and you know how fun -- is to watch I think for him you know and that moment just. It's sunny you know he's smiling and he's having fun and he's talking to me in the middle game it's it's. It's a great thing you know I think it's going to be huge experience for him moving to Florida and you know it's. It's awesome you know proud of and we're glad for. Interview. Get blown away how many great young pitchers -- are right now in the post season -- He says you saying that it in the nationally those guys -- women -- weight -- -- told. Yeah I mean it's it's incredible -- young arms -- you know do what they're doing and obviously you know we got a couple of them ourselves and so I don't know if it's you know what it is that it's something is working right now. -- happy how you like working with Stephen ten how would you describe him as a catcher. Yeah you know it's it's been pretty seamless transition and I came out two months. You know from now and we've been -- to work with them you know. All of us have had success -- penalties. Even though they don't get on the same game plan is a hard worker is always there early. You know he's willing to you know take time off the field to get to know us and I think that -- hopes. Talk to look elsewhere expect. People talk about must win games but given the spot that you guys -- with their level of tension knowing that you had come through and get that game where you're coming here with schools who got some. You know I had a really sense and attention obviously you know we know it you know every -- -- and I think for us you know. -- someone and do something that we haven't done all right here you know we've been in big games -- you know last year were you you know against Texas we had to win every game so I think. Know those kind of situations are made you know. Outside of the clubhouse I don't think for us you know early and there were in about those you know those kind of things -- You know we know we take care our business and you know we play our game did things are gonna happen you know they have this year.

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  20. and settled in after that until two walks and two outs and Felt really good team. You end up in the moment we the 22 pitch to Rolen . I'm repeating on that again could have been another one this week making improvement as a pitcher didn't we think street