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STG 2.18: Urban Home Video, Scottsdale AZ- Scottsdale Stadium



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Sat, 23 Feb 2013|

The return of the Giants' one and two-hitters are the answer to what was a potentially big question as San Francisco picks up where it left off in its spring opener.


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Thank you for clicking on CSN Bay Area dot com with -- Giants insider -- -- -- I am Ahmed Fareed. We got a game we've had practices workouts up until today we finally got our first game Giants win 41. And we saw a lot of things that are very characteristic of the Giants in the regular season here in spring training aren't. But off the -- the first run of the cactus league season doesn't account for anything but. Always a good -- he seemed to put on and I get a crisp single. Marcus Carter takes a pitch allows the -- steal second base. And it's good road does this you're always seem to do down the stretch he had he found a way to get the guy in the third base that gave himself up -- a ground ball. To the right side had that -- plan executed it. And then Pablo Sandoval got the runner home from third base with less than two outs. It's -- single and -- on scores and of course public DelHomme running after that. But Doug did site for the Giants not just that these guys are right McEnroe rhythms. From day one but it's easy to forget that forgot his hero or both free agents the Giants need -- big priority to re -- both guys they could be wearing other uniforms this spring. And it's nice to be trying to figure out away. To recap the top of that lineup you know what what would they do 12 with they go with Gregor Blanco may be and tried Brandon belt as the two hitter or. Within sight of a free agent like Shane Victorino type a dire Michael Bourn. A lot of these guys certainly the World Baseball Classic game. If you got new guys me that's a problem because you want this -- to get some chemistry some familiarity. You know little lose guys for half the spring training but. You know scooter row and put on and how those guys all know each -- so the fact that they're going to be spending a few weeks apart. Not really a big deal is just so nice the Giants -- -- not to have to think about what they're gonna do at the top land there you know. Yeah we will lament the fact that there isn't a whole lot of news or new players by the year right as a good thing for the Giants because there to know what they got Lester from those guys up and but the open to get this year as well so it also of the guys in the bullpen we saw. A rival the -- starter first couple innings said he felt pretty good out there but really everyone after him looked pretty sharp. Get a one run at the Giants gave up -- Chad again in his second inning of work and published in a ball dropped a double play grounder with runners at the first and third. With one out so really judge should have been out of that inning but public could only get the one out at first base so run scores on a jagged -- watched. Never good to have a runs or your first outing we try to make -- team as a non roster -- -- the Giants will. Graded out accordingly. It just looked pretty good George -- us had a strike out got a double play grounder. Showing he can pitch to lefties which is a big deal. And Sergio Romo we heard those. Those trumpets blaring of helmet shown which everybody loves in the ballpark they played here at Scottsdale Stadium to. And a little will and Holler when he came in tune in to face hitters for the first time since the World Series. EA guys there RD in regular season form -- Buster Posey only played a couple of innings nothing to worry about there they're gonna. Take it easy with him bellies early on in spring training but there's another guy behind the plate that they are gonna keep -- there. Dexter Sanchez has a look of a sore shoulder. -- she said that they they're gonna back him off they wouldn't maybe do that the regular season. He's not gonna sort of bases again until Monday he checks out of their fine and then he'll be cleared to. Playing games but for now we're gonna take it easier on -- I try to hold yourself together this is my -- last report with the here and here's a sunny Arizona go back to the Bay Area I am. We're gonna be out here for most of spring in continuing coverage on CSN Bay Area Arum yeah -- all spring long we'll take a little weeks' break the first week of march -- but rail you can get a very rail NC will be here affiliate for me so -- of stuff on the web every single day. Features. Lineups. You know in depth analysis of all the games in. It's a long springs so buckle up and keep clicking refresh -- get your home page CSN Bay Area dot com thinks for -- on.

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  1. STG 2.18: Urban Home Video, Scottsdale AZ- Scottsdale Stadium

    Right now we're and go home dugout expressed student. Michael again I want to see this because look on the tip toes. I'm almost 67 my head almost hit here in this the highest point in the dugout over here kids. Here. No particular. Seriously. She's JC particular. expect. It to single kept so it's

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    Well and and Scottsdale on Monday isn't really most exciting day of spring training people are just showing up. chicken in but it is a reunion of sorts. And Sunday night itself this is when people are starting a and people are getting settled in their rental homes have talked to a couple players

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    It's a Monday morning it's as though. Green is going away and a it is our last full day here at spring training so we're treated with boots or words. My people and there is quietly into the tunnel. Proverbial we. Also. Where there. We're walking down steps that visitors well we're going to be

  1. we heard those. Those trumpets blaring of helmet shown which everybody loves in the ballpark they played here at Scottsdale Stadium to. And a little will and Holler when he came in tune in to face hitters for the first time since the World Series

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    Fri, 22 Feb 2013

    give him a few diamonds he try to polish up. And finally coming up on Saturday we will get our first game here at Scottsdale Stadium over the Giants in the Angels vocal song on the mound who we expect to be playing the position players for the Giants

  3. inning. And finally it was pills. Who brought them run with ninth inning home run I'm electrical back here at Scottsdale Stadium . I were very impressed with that moment so we thought let's talk to Brett about it. As Brett is in a couple

  4. Beautiful Scottsdale Stadium man what a night it is in Scottsdale Arizona gorgeous evening ..... Brian Wilson. He was sitting by his locker room right here in Scottsdale Stadium reading the Bible. And he wasn't doing it for show I mean

  5. from what he's been doing over the last couple weeks but it was still. A significant milestone. The scene of Scottsdale Stadium on Sunday morning with a familiar Buster Posey catching a bullpen for Tim Lincecum. It's something they've

  6. Everybody it's Wednesday. A night game Scottsdale Stadium . The Davis kind of taking a backseat today. Here. story in the chronicle. There's you know. Kind of spinning. Crazy out

  7. Well that never gets old for Giants fans welcome back to Scottsdale Stadium everybody as we continue raising Arizona. You're on sports central now the giant. As free feature story on Friday sports section

  8. spoils of being the world champs as a very spanking new and shiny logo created on the turf Scottsdale Stadium to walk on. It's not Scottsdale Stadium everybody and the Giants is Scott indicated big news today as Bruce approaching half. Has

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    re two different people and that's not really decide I'd like to show him. The last thing I think anyone who knows you would accuse you PO Patriots haven't really appreciate all the brings good enough help from Scottsdale Stadium .

  10. 2.14: Urban Home Movies- Hydration


    Mon, 14 Feb 2011

    didn't watch video. I'm on the concourse at Scottsdale Stadium here David or. Again not a lot of action on and ..... training. Especially. So again. Mostly quiet Scottsdale Stadium . Everyone's kind of it's the calm before the

  11. Everybody guy Michael. They want spring training. Scottsdale Stadium has been for. Here. Got a bunch of people he really awaiting me. Pitchers. Youngsters Trevor and if you guys are you going

  12. I'm Michael we're here at Scottsdale Stadium at the end of the Giants to secure from by her former Giants outfielder Jeff Leonard is one of the it would a counselor here

  13. training. Between rounds looking forward to it and I'm sure you should. I'm now on the giants' clubhouse at Scottsdale Stadium . Am sick at the treatment these guys get pretty Brewers got their own locker. their names on top. Fully equipped

  14. Aren't here it Michael against. Now on the giants' clubhouse at Scottsdale Stadium . Their own locker. It depends on top of that. Fully equipped. Practice jerseys. jerseys I. Names on the Barack. In the bathroom. Would be fitting answer in many ways.

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    Oh please. Little springtime sun and fun. At Scottsdale Stadium last game of the particular venue this spring bottom Juan Pablo of all consecutive effective. Groundout. in the Giants Wellemeyer

  16. The games over my last game in Arizona Giants beat six to three on the grass you know the opponents dating environment. Is walking out in center field fence. And I think in general. I was better than he today this has struggled talked to address questions to on. Took over words today. History gets

  17. Welcome to Scottsdale Stadium here early in the morning with Giants right hander Brandon Medders Brandon an important part of the bullpen last season. They

  18. 3.20: Highlights- Reds vs. Giants


    Sat, 20 Mar 2010

    here comes Crawford cares who drove. And time like snipers the bases with a double. And it's six and could. at Scottsdale Stadium the Giants beat the reds this afternoon by a final six to nothing and we all know. What could possibly happen anytime

  19. The Giants and Brewers wind blowing out at Scottsdale Stadium and the the Giants take advantage jumping on Brewers pitching quickly this is Aaron Rowand. With a leadoff shot deep right center

  20. Still Monday. Part of were continuing tour of Scottsdale Stadium and area not shown you. This would be the visitors ..... wall. Visitors hope and and my favorite aspect of Scottsdale Stadium . Is this the lawn area beyond the left in left