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Aldon Smith signs football for Sergio Romo



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Mon, 23 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Other things are cool to watch and see when your -- up. Any event is when someone gets support Obama so the Giants and Sergio Romo did it all throughout the playoffs like -- any cool ones in the NFL. Yeah at this so prior CB Bears Steelers game on Sunday student could -- and of mileage good as plastic pitch is a huge Bears fan. I think you're down on the field pregame and photo -- out of Dan Gurney who is the Steelers. Chairman particulate and fifth and guy named -- -- Fella part of the Chicago Tribune hot this. Isn't lasting pictured taking a picture I laughed voter -- Henry about -- kind of means that we -- and I ended. It -- no way I'm got a camera fall I just spotted. Don't fault correct me if I'm Ron doesn't. Ashton Kutcher do commercials. For a camera company he's using his -- he's not -- isn't that the camera video. Amortize its I think you know cannon that yet he should be -- expanded camera and action didn't -- there that that's a no no -- -- -- hardest golf. And you know those kind of mean and our kids they're gonna run and chairman I think -- -- -- -- -- nice picture with after -- at the moment they -- just -- around eight I don't think the thing is pretty -- the actress in the granddaughter. -- can't. Yeah. You've got all the inside information like I don't know I got your name and then really cool I need one more. I want this doesn't do the silver and black they're getting ready for Monday night madness and played a big game. Are they worn out a new mascot I heard. He had added value that got caught the Raiders rusher. Take elegant -- guidelines were today and I'm a lot to get to the Giants -- and -- arm to lag. News and steady Jerry. Get that that is a huge huge head you're right nobody -- the body and that I'm not sure I love the spiky Mohawk and I think that's pretty. I wanna get a -- -- you you. -- limit them picture it reminds me of the chip it looks like -- -- -- this is my body right merely get a lot of my body right here loses look like. The sun life. Monsters they can look exactly like once it was a great -- that I. Fair market advantage. -- -- -- -- We're gonna we're you know we're gonna and we're gonna investigate that maybe at least in the greater Russia that hasn't hit events and -- -- time. We'll know we got to work -- nothing from nobody cries when they see new Melanie could. So I. -- and yeah. James and she's -- -- -- correspondent win the Atlantic challenge when you're not.

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  6. know some obviously. Really happy that I have this opportunity to you know like us they play fourteen and I've been watching Romo . My whole life so you know I'm happy we're at this point now. Just this is practice and so it. Yeah Silver lining there

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  12. complaining game Ballgame on Sunday against Washington and you know the place to be when it's over Raiders post game live with Hank the tank Romo and O'Neal. Of course they got covered after every run Comcast sports net California and.

  13. have legal excuse you wherever coach and hands then. His teams have always been and run the football they've always been in Romo that zone running scheme and the thing that they try to do is they try to get guys who run sideways and stretch the defense and

  14. Other things are cool to watch and see when your up. Any event is when someone gets support Obama so the Giants and Sergio Romo did it all throughout the playoffs like any cool ones in the NFL. Yeah at this so prior CB Bears Steelers game on Sunday

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  16. team that fought really hard in the ninth inning. And we saw some of the best at bats we've seen all year against Sergio Romo including a guy that we haven't heard a lot of a young player by the name of Zach loose is he doubles and then just

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  20. a great job he did. I could keep drive Romo in eight was that more just because he ..... we walk to they're. You know win the Romo ready we actually two guys who have before ..... You know we're two outs and who are you Romo . You stop importing about pictures offensive