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Selig on A's stadium: 'I'm satisfied we'll work out something'


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Wed, 25 Sep 2013|

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Just kept it remains to be able county stadium and Shea Stadium we need to deal that. And have a committee working on it for two or three years and there's no question we're gonna have to sell that for a. Let it out and -- you've had this committee working for for this now and here what's the holdup. We have John but it is far more complex where you have one team that wants to move in the other team doesn't wanted to move to. And it's a very complicated situation that the war we've gotten into it. Did that the more generous -- but when I before I leave I have I'm satisfied will will work out something. I'd like to be at the next committee meeting when is -- leave it. What is a fair question and Lindsay Lehman because he says when he leaves we'll have the stadium so as -- -- them this year than this year because a's need a stadium today. They'd they'd be the stadium right now I don't think it's gonna happen. Well. This keeps it in mine up up up.

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    And welcome this sport. Eat. Eat hard for it I. When. They don't look back I have seen me over at Shea Stadium oddly flat tonight. Yeah act he's her right. Yeah on it keep our top yeah. Not strike things. yeah. Yeah. Only time contact wouldn't that be area.

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