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Conte answers: are players still using HGH?



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Wed, 14 Aug 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

So your daughter made the initial actually being next step and met with him you actually didn't sit with them across from the table and give you don't know I did the first day the first day in that meeting. But yeah in my office and he asked for supplements of some kind. Well recommended them on a veteran let me give you a little further do you tell. When I initially start to work with athletes the first thing I wanna do we have a team is to do. Blood testing. And so you can sort out what specific nutritional deficiencies are completions do they have in Alex Rodriguez agreed to do that. Yes it did. And the next day. He who actually went to. Laboratory station right there by the hotel pulled close to market here in San Francisco. And that was so many people there that he didn't wanna wait. So we didn't and then the following week he was going to play the Angels. And he went to a collection stationed down there somewhere in Orange County I think Newport Beach. And he did go and show -- photo ID give his blood collected and within 48 hours we had -- test results so. It's a two part thing first of all. I want we can't make specific and individualized recommendations -- -- you know where the weekly blanks in the nutritional chain are. Secondly that not drug tests not drug tests. By doing standard blood chemistry is. And other types of tests you can look at liver enzymes you can look at that how mad at current levels -- percentage red blood cells but I just one levels testosterone levels of central. But the bottom line is this if I find or or the team prions. That there are some abnormalities that are and it looks like somebody's using performance enhancing substances. I would immediately confront that person and likely not work with them. That wasn't the case. Without Alex we didn't see any of these abnormalities now recently this got turned into I said basically what I just now said to you. And next thing you know here comes this headline. Victor Conte. -- is claim in 2012. I didn't say that you know there was no drug tests involved. But I didn't see any abnormalities. That would indicate that somebody was using. Drugs I want to dial back just a little make sure to the timeline correcting that with a win your office. Then there was an exchange of some legal substance. That he had. This is before a blood test came to that that's correct that is correct then there was a blood test it takes two weeks to get those results two -- on sorry I apologize to within a week -- initial meeting. He had the recommendations. -- had that the supplements. And this enables you to adjust the dosages. If somebody is blowing zanger magnesium or iron or some individual move -- Then you know whether or not they need a higher dosage for a period of time to correct that imbalance and then a reduction for for maintenance. But you know I I work with people that helped to interpret them. And make specific recommendations what further recommendations did you make to him upon getting. The blood results. -- one of the things that and once again this is different called them and I don't think that I should be talking about his individual case there was some some ball. Things that. Like. Consume more fluids because there -- you know someone may be in general terms dehydrated. You'd be surprised what a huge effect something like that once again speaking in general terms. That of someone's dehydrated. And there are not clearing the metabolic waste by products prefer being a pro team metabolism another thing these are toxic and this could really have an adverse effect upon performance. So it's not sometimes it's not some exotic thing that somebody needs it may be something as simple as needing to consume more fluids. The at any point in your initial meeting. Did Alex Rodriguez asked questions about steroids. Or information about steroids you know there was a kind of a theoretical discussion and I want should understand that it. Hit it I try to take the opportunity each and every time that I talk with whoever the elite athlete is apparently NFL or MMA or boxing or whatever it is. I'd -- them and asked them what they think about. What players are doing and it's not specific to any athlete so we certainly didn't discuss any specifics. You know ask Campbell what do you think about this do you think people are using this. And and he gave me his opinion. And I gave him my opinions but was there any specific discussion about him or any specific player the answers -- So was a shared discussion you -- you might have had questions for him. Based on his existence in the world he was living it he might have had some questions for you yes it's it was huge arguments and yes. Has Major League Baseball sat down with you to ask you about your interactions with Alex Rodriguez. Yes they did they contacted me on Monday a week ago. And wanted to -- -- -- I was eager to do so I I contacted my attorney who made immediate contact with them on Monday. And they wanted to come either on Wednesday afternoon or Thursday afternoon. And I said let's -- as soon as we can and so Wednesday afternoon at 330. In San Francisco we had a face to face meeting. The first part of that meeting was about. Alex Rodriguez and bio Genesis and Tony bosh and you know they they need these were really seasoned. Smart. People that by the end of this two hour meeting that I have a lot of respect for so we talked about. That MM basically a lot of the things that we just discussed about my contact with him on what was involved. They certainly didn't believe that I was -- you know a part of any wrongdoing involving Alex Rodriguez. And then the second half of the meeting because I've been so outspoken. Including with you and and here are bad Comcast them and about wanting to give my ideas about how they can improve the effectiveness of their anti doping program. So there the second half of the leaving part two so to speak. Was about that and they were very receptive. You know they were very well aware of my history and things that I had said publicly they were referring to a number of statements that I had made. I thought I was an excellent meeting and I hope that they take the information I provided back to that higher -- of Major League Baseball. And consider us some of the changes that I suggested you mentioned by Genesis and Tony bought you actually spoke to Tony Bausch. Was that after you know without A-Rod. After the makes it twelve meeting it was within a couple days is there are after after that meeting and it. Of the one of the first questions that I ask Alex was about. What. Can't nutritional supplements than he was taking. Because you have a lot of competitive and antagonistic interactions with various products. And you don't wanna take one thing whether another thing result bought the absorption of each other. So he said some things during that meeting nice and wide really don't think you need to continue taking -- product because this product that I am recommending. We'll have double the dosage and I believe that this is more effective and here's the reason why. And then he suggested that I talked with you know his nutrition guy and he may have said Tony and here's the number. And within a couple of days I talked to -- explained. What I had given two power makes them the reason why didn't think that he should be taking some of the things that Tony was recommending to him. Multiple species of proteins as an example and I recommend certain types post workout numbers at night and I knew that he was taking. A special concoction of amino acids and so there was so little bit a question and answer there. And then won it. Other time it was probably. Couple weeks later here's a guess could've been three weeks but but in that neighborhood. Alex called me back and and I think I'm not sure about this but I think they were in new York and he called me and Tony was there with them so we had a little three way discussion about some of the stuff. Send them out was the of the last contact that I had with. With Tony and I'm sure the only time. That I talk -- Alex again about his test results but I never really discuss those with with Tony. When you did talk to Tony or Tony and Alex did you ever get the sense that may be. And bio Genesis they were on the line of or crossing the line into. Legal to illegal products. Well I had never heard -- -- Genesis I had never heard of Tony I didn't know this was all just. It's something that came about here and talk to this guy and I didn't really -- -- later this comes out here's this big scandal with all these athletes involved -- -- was the distribution of of a variety of types of of performance enhancing drugs I had no sense of any of that. That I. Get the sense because there were two discussions one. It runs and we'll talk to this guy about my nutrition he called in my nutrition -- And secondly that that he was with him I don't for a was in new -- -- was with the two of them were together. So I assume that the you know. There was some sort of ongoing. Connection there but my assumption was and the only discussions were about nutrition.

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