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Bobby Evans discusses the young Giants players and the pitching staff



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Wed, 7 Aug 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Bobby Evans is in general manager joining us here on the show. And not notice -- was something they came out earlier today there was a story that the Giants head injuries and Ted Lilly and they were may be close. Designing a deal with him where does that scenario stand right now the Giants take them. But Ted Lilly and his representatives -- first class from the beginning and they knew of our interest in the possibilities of coming here and ultimately the medical history. Really put us. In a position where we felt like we can continue to pursue the contract it was going to be in my early contract that. He's got a pretty rich made medical history what she's doing well now but it was ours are feeling that it was -- best that we. We not pressed into it at this point in the year and you know he's first class individual and I'm sure he's gonna sign somewhere else -- Given opportunity immediately end and hope for the best for him. And that's put to bed there's no future -- -- you guys have delved into it enough and it's time to move on Danica I guess the best to move on all right let's talk about guys that you do have buddy and I history with that a future -- -- -- -- What is might kick him also -- camp down in the minors. At what point does baseball operations say we'd like to see them against more Major League. -- activity more Major League hitters. Well -- probably try to get those guys through the season to be honest. The minor league season and in Fresno in September 2 -- much opportunities they get on a consistent basis down there they can be guys that come up here in September. And get their feet wet get exposed. Maybe out of the bullpen maybe spot starter to that for right now we're gonna see him I play through the president season if we can stay healthy appeared. Roger key -- Brett pill have been brought up what have you seen from these two. What are you hoping for but what what is it they're showing you in this opportunity for them. Well Brett. Has had a phenomenal year at triple -- mean record setting for him and it probably is best overall minor league season this year. And to come up here and contribute immediately I really made a statement I think that he's more ready than anybody realized then and the time is right. It's impressive it's an opportunity where he is not going to be a platoon situation that coach is gonna find room to get him in the Roger he's picked his first Major League call up get a I hit his first Major League at that this first game is certainly a thrill and a player they were watching for the future he's had a good year he stayed healthy. All those are key factors for him is he had received in his career. What are the chances more young position players come up before September. Or at least -- the only guys that we're gonna get a chance to see during this assuming everyone stays health. Well I think that's a good question me our hope is that we're gonna see some guys like calf out get back obviously votes on get back here this weekend. For -- making progress may be rehabbing here a couple of weeks. The minor league system hopefully would not be needed until we get in this September of that. That being said we'll see and there's guys down there they're itching to get up here is certainly having good years and we'll get that opportunity at the right time. There's still some guys that you have on your roster who could very well hope -- one guy pitches well here in this building is very easy to always struggles on the road. Will we see very easy you know getting any more starts in a Giants uniform. Well -- bush said it best I mean of course we expect that at some point I don't know how long. He'll be out of the rotation we'll take it. Start to start week to week. That's where his heart is that's where he's known his whole career it's really his comfort zone so. Obviously that's a priority in his mind. For the last five starts for Tim Lincecum and been very good. And as you watch him progress. Are you seeing things that are different now with Tim Lincecum as opposed to earlier in the season when he might have struggled so. Yeah I think what we've seen -- -- -- he's pitching more with the stuff he has not trying to do too much with the staff Pete he used to having his velocity is not what he used to be. But he used his fastball more he pitched away from his fastball. Now he's using a lot more which is making all of his other stuff were more effective and he's he's he's focusing on the command. And I think that no hitter was a real. Go to accomplished this or other news already pitching well before them. Are you in discussions with him and his representatives about the future with the Giants typically what we do is we do that during the offseason. It's hard to do in the middle of the year it it it sends the wrong message to -- you're not talking to depict some out of the hat. He certainly got that we've already. You talked about before the season started that this that this is a guy we want to bring back. With what he's done already this year we see progress. The same set of Hunter -- -- -- the same for Javier Lopez and also for Hunter -- same across the board for everybody half I think so I think that the difference but for Hunter Pence and Tim Lincecum is it. They'll be guys that will be capable of getting qualifying offers. Which would which could mean one year deals or it could mean draft picks stress if we don't we sign him. In case Javier Lopez he's a guy that he wants to see it as market is and that we'll have to see whether he's a guy that we can. Can drop back Q depend on how rich is marketed I spoke to had a short time ago he said ask -- how much he's been sleeping over the last couple months I'll just sleep pattern it's been so you so far it's it's certainly been rough I know none none worse than for Brian and votes but. It has been short and that we obviously liked seen the club play better more of what they're capable of doing one run losses don't exactly obviously well them. All right I don't wanna turn this into a negative -- the car should the Giants continue to be a little further off the pace and maybe not in that wildcard chase. Will there be discussions about Matt -- missing starts going to a six man rotation. Or maybe just rest Matt Cain because he's pitched a lot of innings over the last three seasons and maybe rest that arm and the next year. Well those are the earlier conversation that we're not having right now I mean we're hopeful that we can get every one -- starts in there there were again. That being said that there's there could be some opportunity where he -- miss a start anybody could miss a start to get somebody some additional rest but right now -- And now he's pitching great and he feels great so I don't foresee that right now but again you never -- A lot of people say alright well that July 31 trade deadline time is over what the heck does -- front office do when I don't know what do you guys have that what do you guys working on now. Buzz at the trade deadline was that it was an adventurous time I mean with you we're looking at the the various options that we have. And ultimately you stayed pat. Never look at the waiver wire is -- time -- you put all your players through the waiver process. You claim guys that you think may have some value to you or hurt or trade you wanna block. Any expressed interest in players. So that's an active part of this obviously looking at our farm system trying to figure out how to develop. Sort of the younger guys for the future but we're still looking at who's gonna help us in September those are part of the evaluation is being done right now.

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