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Focus on Indians after rookies shine in finale with Astros



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Fri, 16 Aug 2013|

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Just put it looked like the athletics were heading in the wrong direction dropping nine of their last thirteen games -- was able to write this -- And steering away was rookie Sonny gray who locked up and down Thursday afternoon to ST -- basic after tossing eight shutout innings to earn his first Major League -- And expectations are gonna win right now you know when you -- -- And that's what you want as a player you know you know you don't you don't really want to. You know being a team that didn't expect to win here it's that kind of regain. It's nice to be. You know on -- team that has that mentality and especially for the first time because nothing strange you know as possible cuts and seeing some good runs and he's got left. And yet even gotten past a thousand volumes about them enough and he threw the ball spinning. He's very exciting very exciting arm and well before -- touched him several times. It was great and really didn't didn't really even get locked into probably the third. Is you know ball strike ratio was pretty close there for awhile now all of a sudden it was off to the races. After the third so. Pretty impressive performance at first random last year in the Texas League. He pitched against us -- We're all. Good masters good and I'm not I'm not surprised. I'm happy form -- news great day for the team. And it was today for the rookies to shine sunny so -- Eddie had a whole box of baseballs to hold onto as keepsakes the isles I had about when he missed golf congratulated month's first win. And over 200 suites. Meanwhile Nate private because the -- first rookie in fifteen years to collect four hits and four RBI. At coliseum I hit a homer at Comcast sports net.

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  1. Freiman on Gray: 'None of us are surprised'

    time and you're ready. So. And Dave you know better position today. is awesome. First random last year in the Texas League . He pitched against us. We're all. Movements as good and I'm not I'm not surprised. I'm happy form news