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1.11: 1-on-1 with Giants prospect Thomas Neal

Mon, 5 Aug 2013|

The Cubs claimed outfielder Thomas Neal off of waivers Monday. The 25-year old has appeared in 72 games for the Yankees' Triple-A affiliate this season. RHP Rafael Dolis was moved to the 60-day DL to make room for Neal on the 40-man roster.

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  1. What does he have to do as far as cleaning up his game a little bit to where he's more effective late in the game I think you got to get more comfortable in the pocket. There's a part of him you know that. That clock goes off a little too quick in his head. And when you do that because he has a lot

  2. As it was unseasonably or month I don't know we play you know play every other day for almost an episode. You try and O' Neal was that I think. It's you know. And you know it universal about us when he was today you know would talk to around. Teams

  3. Former Raiders Bill Romanowski and Lorenzo Neal sit down to discuss Terrelle Pryor and his future with the Raiders.

  4. shows what this guy can do when he's at his absolute best he looked for the first time like a first round pick it. Lorenzo Neal Davis pass to Kevin Burnett another big game for him fourteen tackles twelve solo plus act. Did you see anybody on the field

  5. movement after seventeen seasons in the NBA Jermaine O' Neal has enough cash in the bank to call it a career but the six time ..... twenty points on the opponents every game. But coach hopes O' Neal can drop knowledge on the young lawyers doing their quest for

  6. s a presence in the middle if it does not make them better defensively as well it's a heck of a shot blocker. Jermaine O' Neal is gonna play some minutes off the bench and he's a terrific shot blocker even you turn 35 just a couple of weeks but on paper

  7. Romanowski next to bill we call on the candidate yeah. Lorenzo Neal thank you thank you so Look at that Maryland can pull this off no ..... has put in place Bill Romanowski. And the corduroy kid Lorenzo Neal and breaking it down Florio at.

  8. complaining game Ballgame on Sunday against Washington and you know the place to be when it's over Raiders post game live with Hank the tank Romo and O' Neal . Of course they got covered after every run Comcast sports net California and.

  9. that we felt fit this basketball team. And now we feel like we've got better so absolutely. Luxury is having Jermaine O' Neal who has the ability to play before can score on the block can defend. Adding RJ are valid ability to defend at two and victory

  10. permanent. Campbell's ability to protect the paint. I think ability protect paying. Along with the acquisition of Jermaine O' Neal . It makes us better having two healthy big guys back there. That understand. An estimated thought about it is there an IQ

  11. jackson talks about offseason, not setting limit on total number of wins, jermaine o neal talk, hunter vs. hunted stuff

  12. How much did you ever grow more there. In the business news blogs. And Watson's championships. But yeah. Rooms. It's just an office. Intruders. To too Personal world so I It's you know we're gonna change soon. You know it's marvels. It's. An uproar over it. It won't versions built between Jacobs.

  13. Being smart and being Shaq is a potentially appealing concept


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    Can new Kings minority owner Shaquille O' Neal help speed the bumpy downtown arena campaign to fruition?

  14. Shaq shows Sacramento love as Kings minority owner


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    Declaring the new name of the city "Shaqramento," Shaquille O' Neal made amends with Kings fans for past verbal swipes as the newest owner.

  15. right now I don't know whenever we Atlanta and obviously in the. 37 and much six on Monday night in their last nine appearances. There one in late but one link was to give the Broncos you amber it's O' Neal and not talent sports can't.

  16. Shaquille O'Neal to join Kings ownership group


    Mon, 23 Sep 2013

    The Kings announced Monday that Shaquille O' Neal will be introduced as the the newest member of Vivek Ranadive's ownership group.

  17. Raiders gave a playoff contenders some major problems but the silver and black say they don't believe in moral victories lol what can they take away from this loss they can take with a lot dating to say look we belong on the field with any team in the National Football League unlike last year and

  18. Yet you give me horses and having guys that. You know the real consistent written and some guest hosting. Either Jermaine O' Neal . This talk of him on the phone. Kind of you can see you know he's been around the block in those what it's about those

  19. out and you know. Gotta go on the price ever you've got to get better because tap me if you look bad even though he's O' Neal and souls. Just as motivates me to give does that. But it definitely doesn't mean if you're a half step on the guys view

  20. How important is McFadden in 2013?


    Tue, 6 Aug 2013

    This any we go international man of intrigue is Lorenzo Neal you see him and Raiders post game live up. All season long and ..... think this will be the last year in Oakland doesn't. Lorenzo Neal all decade team any odds always enjoy your insights can't wait