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7.13: Tim Hudson on the A's



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Thu, 15 Aug 2013|

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-- I do -- rookies tonight I pictured it and start -- with it personal investment punishments. Impressions of -- and stay here I was was great and really didn't didn't really even get locked into probably the third. Is you know ball strike ratio was pretty close there for awhile -- all of a sudden it was off to the races. After the third so. Pretty impressive performance he's got plus everything. Great disposition on the mound very confident kid athletic as you saw some of the plays he made coming off the mound to so very impressive performance. Went yeah drive with four hits we had eight I told you showing off. Good at bats I mean man using the whole field it the first one down the line which really. Helped us out you know he didn't get a couple of runs across there and then. You know I hit one out to left in them to you know get the right hander and and taken him to write so it. Pretty special day for both those guys. The ligament for the team to watch sunny today and and how do you think this might change the dynamic. Of the race for you guys. I you know I don't really look at as far as changing the dynamic it just means we have another quality guy. And now you know stuff wise probably as good as anybody we have it's just. You wanna make sure somebody like that is is ready for the big leagues. More emotionally and anything else and I think the organization did a Smart thing and brought him up and pitched him out of the bullpen a couple times does to get his feet wet and then brought him up to start and now. You know really been been great. Fabulously roofer and a 118 pounds what was the thinking I think one -- this must -- -- Yeah they -- one on nine was in his previous you know raise it to five or nothing game that point in time he's rolling pretty good. I don't wanna use any of our three relievers. I you know again Montero has been out four days in a row hot and in a hot again today. As just you know if we push him just a little bit right there with the adrenaline and so forth I didn't think it was. -- obviously I'm always uncomfortable when no one of our younger guys throws anymore and 110 pitches that. -- four pitches with the adrenaline he had felt was you know really helped us out as far as the bullpen went to. Does he remind you of anybody in particular. -- You -- like a Tim Hudson -- You know as far as his stature in. He throws a little bit harder. Not a split I'm more of a curve ball guy that I would say just look -- -- maybe Tim Hudson time. Yeah -- stiffened up a little bit so we took him out of the game. -- we we. Watched some pretty closely before and felt like Hughes was able to play the game today. They just started stiffening up the warm ball got Miami could tell you started stiffening up right then so we we got married him. Puts us. So reds aren't that got him in the chin you don't see that often but. You know stayed with the play which is tough to do you know you concentrate on the ball next thing you know you can hit the leg -- and still -- you could -- so he's he's aren't. -- Tyler ABC seven. Perhaps you've already addressed this but I'm wondering your feelings on instant replay expansion. Yeah I think it's good for the game I mean I don't know what all the variables are going to be but I think anytime. You put technology and played to where you you feel like you can get it right you can do it it. I expedited pace and that's probably good for everybody inning -- pars are pro -- -- with that -- -- wanna get it right as well. -- I don't know -- they're playing games that that there is close calls that. You know whether it's this year or last year or the year before and it's something and MLB's trying to be proactive in in. Get the technology done at the right time.

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  15. that is important. You did you have it's. Expect things that I haven't got there I got a mixture here and do. I envision Hudson threw. On the team and underperforming pitcher. You guys think this is great for human. Some. Got and we can you know play

  16. home Well they play great all the was spectacular. Early on it was look like it was going to be. Pitching duel between Tim Hudson and and and Matt then all of a sudden. The office just blew up scored six slot there the fourth inning. And that was

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