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10.2: SD/SF Postgame- Tim Stauffer

Sat, 2 Oct 2010|

"Nice to finally be able to show what I knew I was capable of..."


Machine Generated Transcript

-- mean you know whether it's a long long -- on the road you know get back is you know media users here than anything. I don't know I had an -- You don't expect -- you know -- but I knew I was. Nolan. You know things were -- do it's. You know we -- looking like business I'm here it's everywhere in the ten dollars -- not. We're able. Probably my fourth -- from. -- -- -- Okay. You like to. -- -- The fifth time -- Yeah yeah. I mean there's -- doing okay. Yeah I mean you know the funny where he's got an early years -- unbelievable. They have a hard. Great job -- Okay. It's my everyday but. Okay. We're. It's -- little thing you know it's. You know I think over. Still on the big guys and I -- -- it's. Better. And I still feel we'll feel good part of me.